Social Media Marketing in the Philippines

Social Media Marketing in the Philippines

Filipinos are active social media users. In fact, they’re considered the most active in the world. But what does this mean for Philippine businesses? How can they translate this into sales opportunities? Read on to find out.

Eight Media’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

Eight Media's Guide to Social Media Marketing

It’s easy to understand why social media marketing is one of the most used strategies by Philippine businesses nowadays. It’s cheap. It’s simple. And it’s almost effortless to maintain. Find out how you can grow your business through social media in our guide to social media marketing. Filipinos are known to be active on social […]

Does My Business Need Facebook?

Does my business need Facebook?

When our clients first approach us, it’s usually a constant push and pull of how they think the online world works, and how our data from working across various industries either supports or disproves their views.