Our Mission

Eight Media empowers entrepreneurs across the world in understanding their customers better. We believe that real marketing goes beyond flashy campaigns and likes on social media— true marketing is deeply rooted from knowing your customers’ problems and developing a business that solves that. We believe that every entrepreneur has a chance to succeed, and that success is possible with a data-first mindset. 

Our Story

As fellow entrepreneurship graduates at Malayan College Laguna in 2016, Gerald and J observed the dilemmas of small businesses and startups in the Philippines. Despite having great presence locally and internationally, these businesses still suffered slow deaths rooted from their lack of understanding of their customers— being popular does not equal success.

From this observation, Eight Media was born. Its foundation was a culture of data-first methodologies that generated impactful results to businesses— all while maximizing their limited resources.

Meet The Team

Our team comprises of not just designers and writers, but as well as entrepreneurs and data professionals— we believe that this approach can propel businesses to reach their next milestone faster.

Gerald Castillo, CEO of Eight Media

Gerald Castillo

Chief Executive Officer

Gerald brings his team together as the CEO of Eight Media, ensuring they have the best strategy in creating awareness and generating leads for  businesses and startups through digital marketing.

J Carpo, Chief Operations Officer of Eight Media

J Carpo

Chief Operations Officer

J is a finance, legal, and accounting professional. He has handled a handful of businesses in multiple industries such as telecommunication technologies, logistics, and FMCG. He has worked closely with CEOs, investment bankers, business owners, and other entrepreneurs.

Keith Peters, Account Manager of Eight Media

Keith Peters

Lead Account Manager

Keith is a business development professional. He’s gathered experience working in business and account management for local and international start-ups in the Philippines.

Alyssa Bernal, Digital Creatives Specialist of Eight Media

Alyssa Bernal

Senior Design And Creatives Specialist

Alyssa is a digital artist— passionate about all things digital. Formerly, she worked as a freelancer who handled everything from branding to graphic design, and animation.

Darryl Villareal, Digital Creatives Specialist of Eight Media

Darryl Villareal

Digital Creatives Specialist

A hobby turned into a career, Darryl is passionate about great design. He has worked with top companies to improve their brand and social media presence online.

Kevin Villanueva, Account Manager of Eight Media

Kevin Villanueva

Junior Account Manager

Kevin is an advertising professional. He has years of experience working for international startups; managing global accounts in different verticals such as e-commerce, real-estate, mobile apps, services, gaming, and etc.

Francheska Serrano, Digital Media Buyer of Eight Media

Francheska Serrano

Digital Advertising Manager

Cheska is focused on digital ads creation — starting from identifying and finding your audience, and turning them into leads. She’s also keen on optimizing, as well as troubleshooting, digital ad campaigns.

Wednesday Africa, Content officer of Eight Media

Wednesday Africa

Content Officer

With years of quality experience and expertise in customer experience management, design, and marketing for renowned firms, Dayday looks after the digital content media strategy for Eight Media.

Gil Belarmino, Office Admin of Eight Media

Gil Belarmino

Digital Media Buyer

Gil is responsible for finding ways to reach your target audience. He conducts research to find what their interests are and what keywords they search for. He also helps in crafting effective campaigns.

Allison Laurena

Digital Creatives Specialist

With significant experience in sociology, research, financial technology, business management, and social media strategy, Allison has always been sure of her strength in design. Turning her passion into a career, Allison is keen on making a mark in the digital marketing industry through Eight Media.

Patrick Cornejo

General Administrator

Patrick is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the organization’s office. His thoroughness in completing a task through concern for all areas involved, no matter how small, qualifies him for the responsibility of scheduling, handling accounts, communications, and more general administrative work.

Kyra Padrique

Content Coordinator

Kyra has always been someone who dabbles in a lot of things. From digital marketing to graphic designing, she is an all-rounder. She now uses her skills to make her mark on blog contents for Eight Media, all while pursuing a Marketing Management degree.

Our Results Speak For Us


Increase in Leads


Increase in Revenue


Less Advertising Cost

Real Digital Marketing. Not just ads.

Eight Media offers businesses a REAL full-stack digital marketing service– from content creation to digital ads management, to training your sales team to working directly with business development. They’re powerful alone– but more powerful when brought together.