Test Your Knowledge in Digital Marketing

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just launched your business or if you’ve already been running it for years. Anyone who wants to achieve success would know that the first step to a sales boost is to get noticed.


With the advent of social media, brands can literally go viral overnight — but only wise entrepreneurs would know that maintaining a strong, data-driven digital marketing strategy will pay tenfold in the long run.


Are you doing enough to market your brand effectively? Put your knowledge to the test with this short quiz, and see if your digital marketing strategy really is bound for success!


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Should email marketing should only be used for promotions or announcements?

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Do you still need branding as long as you provide a great product or service?

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Should data play a big role in your business’ success?

4 / 8

Will any type of content will give you engagement as long as you are active in your channel

5 / 8

Is digital marketing just for the younger brands for the younger people?

6 / 8

Would activating a digital marketing campaign will automatically give you success?

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Will a website help you succeed with your digital marketing goals?

8 / 8

Should your digital marketing strategy be specialized and should it be separate from your overall marketing strategy?

Excited to see the results?

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