Best Practices & Strategies for PPC Ads

If there’s one thing that successful businesses do right now that others should consider doing, it’s running PPC ads. Find out what are they and why should you care about them.

022221_Top Email Marketing Trends in 2021

As consumers across the world face difficulties navigating governmental restrictions, in-store shopping became increasingly inconvenient or unavailable and while most consumers were forced to turn to online shopping the prevalence and potency of email marketing is strengthened.

Lead Generation in 2021: Emerging Trends Businesses Should Pay Attention To

A lead generation strategy is an important challenge for any business but some techniques no longer work like they used to. What should businesses pay attention to in the coming year?

020821_Top 5 Positive Digital Transformation Trends in the Philippines

All aspects of business growth and success will be heavily reliant on companies’ ability to adapt to changes in technology. For businesses to hijack growth opportunities, they should plan for emerging trends and craft a strategy to approach them.

011821_6 Business Survival Tips In Case of Another Disaster

The effects of a disaster can be devastating to a business. Typhoons, floods, or even the COVID-19 pandemic have, throughout history, shut down many businesses. And most businesses that do not have a business plan for continuity close for good.

011121_Will Things Be Different? The After-Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The after effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic to businesses

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