To navigate the “new normal,” experts point to digital transformation, along with a data-driven digital marketing strategy, as key ingredients to success.
The challenge is that digital transformation is happening so fast that oftentimes, it’s almost hard to keep up with it. Thankfully, as online marketers, there is always one thing that we can always rely on to make the best strategies: Data.
While one of the easiest things to do during a crisis is to cut your marketing budget, it may not be the wisest.
In times like this COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation plays a huge role to consumers, as they have limited access to the outside world unlike before.
With billions of people accessing the internet every day, digital marketing is now considered a top priority by everyone—from small businesses to global corporations.
A strategy that many businesses are employing to stay afloat is to cut down advertising expenditure, including their digital marketing spend. Will digital advertising continue to wield its power or will it lose its earlier magic?

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