The Top 5 AI Trends in Digital Marketing 2024

AI trends in digital marketing

If you’re a business owner seeking insights into the top AI trends in digital marketing, this article will provide comprehensive coverage.

The first artificial intelligence (AI) existed in the 1950s, but most people aren’t aware of it. To many, AI is like a far-fetched dream and only exists in movies but since the introduction of Open AI’s ChatGPT in November 2022, the world has been shaken—in good and bad ways. Some see the prevalence of AI as an opportunity, while some are filled with uncertainty, and because of the AI hype, several companies have developed AI tools to ease people’s burden, especially in office and admin tasks, including digital marketing.

The importance of digital marketing in business is immense, as it directly impacts your sales performance. You need to hire people to carry out all your digital marketing solutions for business effectively but you can depend on AI if you don’t have enough funds to pay an entire staff.

If you’re a business owner seeking insights into the top AI trends in digital marketing, this article will provide comprehensive coverage.

Learn About the Top 5 AI Trends in Digital Marketing

There are various types of AI technology. Still, the following are the most popular and useful in the Philippines’ digital marketing landscape.

1. AI-Powered Predictive Analytics

AI trends in digital marketing

Your digital marketing strategy shouldn’t be limited to creating ads and social media posts. You need to analyze your data to determine if your strategies are working. However, this can be challenging. If you have large amounts of data to organize and analyze, simply using a spreadsheet isn’t enough. This problem can be easily solved by using AI-powered predictive analytics. Examples of AI-powered predictive analytics platforms are Pecan, Tableau, Qlik Sense, and SAS Advanced Analytics.

Digital marketers can quickly analyze large datasets essential for predicting customer behavior and preferences using any AI-powered predictive analytics platform. Analyzing your data is vital to help you assess which digital marketing solutions for business are likely to be most effective. Once you determine which marketing tips for business owners are working, you can adjust and optimize your campaigns and messaging accordingly.

2. AI Chatbots

You may not realize it, but the chatbots you see on a Facebook page’s messenger and an e-commerce store’s pop-up chat customer service are all AI. AI chatbots may irk some customers because they’re not real people answering their queries. But unlike before, AI chatbots can now solve your concerns in a human-like way since they use natural language processing (NLP) technology. With NLP, chatbots can understand your problems better, allowing them to provide improved responses.

If your business is short on staff, you can integrate AI chatbots into your social media messenger or website to offer immediate customer support. AI chatbots are perfect for 24/7 support, addressing FAQs, and helping customers with purchasing decisions.

3. Generative AI

AI trends in digital marketing

Among the most popular AI trends in digital marketing is generative AI. You can produce new text, images, videos, or audio in a flash with generative AI. This can help business owners and digital marketers save effort and time in content creation, graphics production, and video editing.

However, there are some issues surrounding generative AI. Since generative AI tools are trained on existing data from the internet, they can produce plagiarised work, deceptive visuals, biased and discriminatory content, and fake news articles. 

Another issue that arises from the use of generative AI is that it displaces human workers. Because it can be accessed at a lower price and is capable of what a human can do, several companies have laid off their employees, especially those in the fields of digital marketing in the Philippines, journalism, media and entertainment, photography, graphic design, video editing, and more. 

So, can digital marketing be replaced by AI? The answer is both yes and no. Without a doubt, AI streamlines mundane and repetitive tasks, allowing digital marketers to focus on higher-level activities. However, AI can’t operate on itself. It still requires human oversight and input. Several businesses are seeking individuals equipped with AI knowledge to harness the power of these technologies for digital marketing success. 

4. AI-Driven Marketing Automation

Wouldn’t it be great to boost your business’s ROI with AI-driven marketing automation effortlessly? According to statistics, 28% of leading companies already use AI for marketing purposes, while more than 50% of corporate executives harness AI for content marketing. This only shows that more and more businesses are seeing the importance of AI in their marketing endeavors.

With the help of AI-driven marketing automation, you can deliver hyper-personalized content to your target audience, gather more leads for your business without much effort and make your marketing campaigns much easier overall.

5. AI-Powered Sentiment Analysis

AI trends in digital marketing

In a digital marketing strategy, gauging public sentiments about your brand is also necessary. But this can be hard to do if your business is across different social media channels and communities. So, are there any AI trends in digital marketing that can help you monitor public opinions? Yes, there are! AI-powered sentiment analytic platforms should be your go-to AI tools if you want to curate and assess what people are saying about your biz.

With AI-powered sentiment analysis, you can conveniently manage your brand reputation more effectively by tracking customer reviews and social media comments. This lets you know your customers’ preferences and what you need to improve in your business. 

Should My Business Use AI? 

It’s totally up to you whether you want to use AI. After all, it’s an incredible tool that can help offload many repetitive and complex tasks in your business. It also offers a cost-effective way of marketing your biz, especially if you’re short on staff.

However, there are still several people who are hesitant to use AI in their digital marketing strategy. First of all, AI technologies require specialized knowledge to function correctly, and not everybody likes to deal with the seemingly complex operation of AI in their business workflow. 

Moreover, some businesses hate using AI due to data privacy and security concerns. Take Samsung, for example. Last May 2023, Samsung banned their employees from using generative AI tools because of an accidental data leak. Some of their engineers had input Samsung’s internal source code in ChatGPT, making their code available to all. 

AI also raises issues on ethical considerations. Since AI tools are based on existing data and content from the internet, they throw and regurgitate even false information to their users, making them unreliable due to their sometimes biased and inaccurate data.

And lastly, some of your employees may resist using AI because they worry about losing their jobs to automation. It’s not just less skilled workers who are affected. Even experienced employees can be replaced as companies try to save money using AI instead of paying human staff.

Learn to Embrace AI

As people say, those who are hesitant to embrace new technologies like AI may be outpaced by their competitors. Based on a report, businesses using AI in their digital marketing strategy have increased their leads by as much as 50%, while 4 out of 10 marketers believe that AI has helped them boost their revenue. 

So, if you don’t want to rely solely on the usual marketing tips for business owners, learn to adopt the different AI trends in digital marketing into your business workflow. Contact Eight Media for a free consultation if you need assistance redesigning your marketing strategies and integrating AI into your biz.

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