AI in Digital Marketing: Can It Replace Human Marketers?

AI digital marketing

How good are AI digital marketing solutions at what they do? Can AI technology replace human resources? Let’s answer these questions.

The continuous sophistication of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has caused dramatic shifts in digital marketing in the Philippines. From content curation to lead scoring, many digital marketing solutions for small businesses can now be made easier with the help of this advanced technology. 

Though advantageous in many aspects, however, it leaves some pressing questions for entrepreneurs who believe in the importance of digital marketing in business. First, how good are AI digital marketing solutions at what they do? Second, can AI technology replace human resources? Let’s try to answer these in this article. 

What is AI Technology and How Does It Work?

Artificial technology is a type of smart computer software that basically replicates human intelligence. It works by processing and combining large sets of data with iterative and intelligent processing algorithms. This helps the system learn patterns in the data that they analyze so it can provide smart results. Every time an AI software processes data, it measures and tests its results and performance against its old data so that it can improve its existing knowledge base. AI Digital Marketing Applications

The use of Artificial Technology has grown in popularity lately in the world of digital marketing because it can help automate tasks that would usually take a lot of time and manual labor. This includes tasks like rephrasing copy, customer segmentation, and even the generation of photos and other types of content. This aspect of the system is what usually attracts many to use it for their daily operations because they can free up time for more strategic activities. 

Executing Tasks with AI

Here are some specific examples of AI digital marketing applications

Content Marketing

AI can help in various aspects of content marketing including audience targeting, rewriting, and content curation. For example, artificial intelligence gives marketers a better view of which customers to target and which channel to use for their messages. Content farms, especially those that focus on writing, have also used AI to improve their output. 


One of the most labor-heavy aspects of marketing is customer service. AI-supported chatbots solve the challenge of providing 24/7 customer service without hiring actual people to run the system around the clock. AI can have discussions with actual customers and use data processing and analysis to provide solutions. They can also come in the form of text and audio formats. 

Promotional Customization

What used to be a primary responsibility of sales and marketing people can now be processed by AI too. Freebies, incentives, and product referrals are just some of the things artificial intelligence can do now by collecting data on customers and forecasting their future behavior. AI can also use dynamic content to select the right material and message to send to a particular customer based on their historical behavior. 

So Can AI Digital Marketing Solutions Replace Marketers? 

As much as AI technology provides a lot of benefits to marketers, the answer to this question is still a resounding no. As Grant McDougall, the CEO and Co-Founder of AI brand BlueOcean said in a Forbes feature, “AI won’t replace marketers—it will make them more valuable.” 

The rationale behind it is fairly simple. As we continue to shift into a world where tons and tons of data are now available, the need for specialists who can sift through them also becomes even more important. Digital marketers still have a bird’s eye view of all the important information relevant to the goals of a business since they track both quantifiable and qualitative metrics. Especially in a time when the digital world is saturated with so many messages, it’s all the more necessary to optimize data and information so that all marketing efforts are laser-focused toward a particular goal. At the end of the day, AI Digital Marketing solutions can provide us with data, but it is still up to us to make sense of the complexity. 

AI Will Not Replace, But It Can Help Unlock Better Results for Marketers

Regardless of how AI technology is applied in digital marketing, there’s no doubt that it has its perks when utilized well. It can automate tedious and repetitive tasks and it can also provide large amounts of data that can help provide a better picture of a business’s operations. However, rather than entirely making certain jobs obsolete, it is more of a tool that can help marketers get better results for their efforts. For example, AI can give you data regarding better targeting options for your ads, but it is still up to you to manage your budget for better performance. Think of it as similar to hiring an assistant. Artificial technology can help you streamline your work processes so that you can focus on the right things. 

Eight Media and the Power of Data

Here at Eight Media, we believe in the power of data across all aspects of digital marketing. We have helped countless entrepreneurs scale their businesses with our services that are dependent on numbers and performance. From Content Marketing to Digital Ads Management, we always provide smart solutions to our clients by following a data-first mindset

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