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The 2023 Digital Marketing Landscape in the Philippines

Digital marketing in the Philippines changes as fast as it grows. But what has changed in the past few years?

Digital marketing in the Philippines changes as fast as it grows. After the rise of e-commerce and the still-growing power of social media marketing, digital marketing solutions for small businesses are now a necessary element for business success. But what has changed in the past few years? In this article, we will discuss the current digital marketing landscape in the Philippines.

First, let’s talk about some numbers. 

  • There are over 76 million internet users in the country, a figure that proves that the Philippines is on the frontline of an increasingly growing digital marketing landscape. According to Spiralytics, this was driven by the increasing reliance of Filipinos on using technology for their day-to-day transactions. 
  • Ad spending in the country is continuously increasing, with an annual growth rate of 9.7 percent. According to experts, the state of e-commerce in the Philippines is expected to be worth $10 billion by 2025. 
  • Online shopping is now the norm. Numbers show that 62.5 percent of Filipinos have purchased a product or a service online. Moreover, 57.4 percent of shoppers checked out a brand’s website before buying. This underlines the importance of digital marketing in businesses, big or small. 
  • Influencer marketing remains relevant. Recent data shows that 70 percent of Filipino shoppers decided to buy a product or avail of a service after being endorsed by an influencer. Consequently, user-generated content is now one of the most preferred materials in digital marketing in the Philippines. This is because customers are more convinced to purchase after seeing real-life experiences from other users. 

What’s new for digital marketing in the Philippines?

Ever wondered what’s in and what’s out in the world of digital marketing? Here are some of the things expected to take over the landscape this year and in the future.

Social Commerce as a new way of shopping 

Social commerce, simply put, is the integration of online shopping on social media platforms. With social media still going strong, consumers are now looking for a more integrated experience. This lets them easily shop without jumping on a separate e-commerce website. Good examples of social commerce are Instagram and Facebook shops. 

Diversified Search is the new way of doing product research

The way the market experiences its Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) has changed more than ever. ZMOT is a phase in the customer lifecycle where one researches a product before making a purchase. While used to be mostly done by web search before, more and more people are now using diversified search to learn more about a brand. In this process, users utilize a variety of platforms to cull data via additional methods like image and voice search. 

This means that businesses no longer have to optimize their digital presence for actual humans, but for crawlers as well. Content should now be available in various formats, too. 

Artificial Intelligence is relevant now more than ever

AI has strengthened its stronghold in digital marketing solutions for small businesses to fulfill the need for doing repetitive tasks and heavy data analysis. Such is the impact of it that some members of the industry—from copywriters, artists, to strategists—are worried over its use for fear of making their specializations redundant. However, instead of replacing humans in doing tasks, many digital marketing pros still agree that AI is only here to support the process. Read more about the impact of AI in digital marketing by checking out our article here. 

Personalization can set you apart from your competitors

Personalization of products and services still remains effective in digital marketing Philippines. As more and more audiences become immersed online, the market also grows increasingly more expectant of customized experiences for them. A classic example is the personalization of names in email marketing. Today platforms Netflix and Spotify’s recommended content is now considered the gold standard in the industry. 

Humanizing brands can bring you closer to your customers

Corporate social responsibilities and strong branding may remain important, but digital nomads are now expecting something deeper from the brands they follow. Advocacies, environmental, and political stances bring a new side to businesses and can help them gain stronger loyalty among their followers. Learn more about the impact of political posts in social media marketing by clicking on our article here. 

Be a part of the transforming landscape

Digital marketing in the Philippines is only expected to transform more in the coming years. Businesses big and small should put a conscious effort into keeping up with the changes to have a winning chance in an increasingly saturated digital landscape.

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