The Impact of Effective Creatives and Design for Digital Ads

effective creatives and design for digital ads

If you invest your time in producing effective creatives and design for digital ads, you can connect better with your target audience.

For your digital ads to become an effective tool for lead generation, you should pay close attention to the quality of your content creation. HubSpot defines content creation as the “process of generating topic ideas that appeal to your buyer persona”—written or visual content. While written content helps get your message across to your target audience, it might not be enough to capture their attention. Because let’s admit—plain text looks boring. But if you also invest your time in producing effective creatives and design for digital ads, you can connect better with your target audience and possibly boost your sales.

This article will explore how creatives and design can help propel your digital ads to the next level.

The Importance of Creatives and Design for Digital Ads

In digital advertising, creatives are usually a combination of visual and non-visual elements, such as images, videos, audio, and copywriting. Creatives rarely exist solely as plain text. They typically incorporate graphic design and visual content.

According to statistics, 65% of people are visual learners. They say the human brain can process and interpret visuals faster than written content. This data only shows the importance of effective creatives and design for digital ads, such as the following:

Generates brand awareness

effective creatives and design for digital ads

Are you still working on the brand of your business? Your brand is both the visual and written content of your business. From logo and theme to messaging and tonality, your branding guides how your ads should be. If your digital ads have a winning offer, plus outstanding graphic design and visual content, your brand will likely stay on top of people’s minds.

Based on a study, individuals can remember at least 65% of visual information shown to them for up to 3 days, in contrast to only 10% of information that is heard. If you aim for your business to leave a lasting impression, ensure you create striking creatives and designs so people can easily recognize your brand.

Encourages more engagement 

The success of your digital ads depends on various factors, including your offer, copy, budget, targeted audience, timing, creatives, and design. If you feel that your creatives and design are not hitting their mark, tweak them to encourage more likes, shares, and comments. Although some will say these are only vanity metrics, it’s important to note that high engagement on a digital ad can increase its visibility to potential customers. Moreover, when individuals notice heightened engagement in your ads, they are more inclined to take notice and read them.

By incorporating beautiful graphic and visual content in your digital ads and overall content creation process, you can add more clarity to your message, amplify your branding, and pique the interest of your target audience, leading to increased engagement.

Increases sales and conversions

effective creatives and design for digital ads

We’re seeing several digital ads run by new small business owners that don’t even include graphic and visual content. And this is one of the biggest mistakes you could make. You’re wasting your ad budget if you don’t take the time to spruce up effective creatives and design for digital ads. You’re missing out on sales and conversions!

As mentioned earlier, digital ads with outstanding creatives and design are catchier and can encourage your target audience to perform your desired action. For example, there are two food hub suppliers running digital ads. Supplier A’s ads just list their products and prices. However, Supplier B went the extra mile; they listed prices and included attractive photos of their best-selling products. So, who do you think will grab more eyeballs and make more sales? Supplier B, right?

3 Examples of Good Digital Advertising Campaigns

Now that you’ve learned the importance of effective creatives and design for digital ads, let’s look at some examples of good digital advertising campaigns. Checking out other digital advertising campaigns can help you create a smarter strategy for your ad campaign and lead generation efforts.

  1. Adobe Video

As videos gained popularity, Adobe Video created a digital ad showcasing how their product, Adobe Premiere Pro, supports making stop-motion content. They used a stop-motion video in the ad to garner 36k reactions, 1.7k comments, and 305 shares. 

What’s great about this ad is their partnership with Vadim Tereshchenko, a skilled video producer known for his hyper-lapse and stop-motion techniques. This collaboration further solidifies Adobe Premiere Pro as a top-tier option for video content creation, as it earns recommendations even from established video producers.

2. Infinity

There are already several well-known work management software, like Asana, Basecamp, Trello, Monday, and Jira. But Infinity managed to penetrate the waves with their digital ad. Infinity’s digital ad can get 25k reactions, 99 comments, and 836 shares. 

Although digital ad gurus often advise writing short ad copies, Infinity has broken the norm and opted for a long ad copy. Despite their longer copy, Infinity’s digital ad effectively addressed the pain points of its target audience through straightforward content, relevant use of emojis, and a glimpse of their work management platform with a captivating image.

3. Bluehost

Meanwhile, Bluehost has proven that effective creatives and design for digital ads don’t need to be complicated. With their direct and concise ad copy and simple graphic and visual content, they boosted their ad engagement, tallying up 6.3k reactions, 229 comments, and 58 shares.

Quick Tips for Creating High-Performing Creatives

Producing effective creatives and design for digital ads can be quite a challenge. Aside from learning how to write compelling ad copies, you must also familiarize yourself with creating stunning visual content. If you want to boost the performance of your creatives, check out these tips:

Learn the basics of design principles

When you’re putting together graphics and visuals for your ads and lead generation initiatives, it’s good to know a few basic design principles. Color psychology, typography, whitespace management, and responsive design can make your creatives pop. You can Google “digital advertising design courses” online if you don’t know where to start. Or better yet, study what your competitor does when running digital ads. 

Incorporate A/B tests

Some digital ad experts might claim that one type of ad is superior while dismissing others. However, you won’t know what works best for you until you try it. To determine which is the more effective creatives and design for digital ads, conduct A/B tests. Generate multiple versions of ad creatives and run them simultaneously. Assess which version garners higher engagement or conversions. Is the ad with a shorter or longer copy performing better? Or perhaps the ad with an image or video is more effective?

Optimize your ads based on available data

A lot of small business owners miss out on continually fine-tuning their ads. If you want to make the most of your ad budget, it’s worth improving your digital ads and content creation process based on the data you’ve got. Look into your ad’s audience demographics, engagement metrics, conversion rates, and more. By leveraging your available data, you can make better-informed decisions and identify what’s working well or not for your digita

effective creatives and design for digital ads

Anyone can run digital ad campaigns as long as they have the budget. But the question is, can they do it right? Getting digital ads up and running can be tricky, and creating ones that grab attention isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Without testing and plenty of practice, you could waste your ad budget. If you need help generating effective creatives and design for digital ads, Eight Media has your back. Our team of digital marketing pros specializes in digital advertising that can help with your lead generation efforts. We also offer content creation services, social media management, web development, and more. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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