Gaining Customer Loyalty Using Lead Generation Methods

building customer loyalty using lead generation

How do you keep your market committed to you? In this article, we will talk about building customer loyalty using lead generation.

Customer loyalty is an essential element for the long-term success of a business. As digital marketers always say, ‘it is always more expensive to gain new customers than to keep them.’ When you establish a solid brand following, you always open endless opportunities to keep them in your revenue loop. But how do you keep your market committed to you? In this article, we will talk about building customer loyalty using lead generation. 

Understanding the science behind building customer loyalty using lead generation is essential. Lead generation is the first step of any customer journey, where you try to attract people to do business with you. Customer loyalty, on the other hand, is your end goal. An effective digital marketing strategy that puts a premium on retaining customers should understand that in between Points A and B, what you do in between impacts your market’s relationship with your brand. 

The longer your customers stay with your brand, the longer they can generate more revenue for your business. This is called customer lifetime value, a key metric used to measure the total worth of a customer during their relationship with your business versus the value of their transactions.

A high customer lifetime value can significantly lessen the money you put out to earn new customers because, in an ideal scenario, you should already be getting enough revenue from your loyal customer base. 

5 Ways of Building Customer Loyalty Using Lead Generation

There is no specific equation to build customer loyalty. Regardless of how you do it, only one thing should stay consistent in your strategy: good experience. Let’s talk about some tips you need to remember to encourage good customer loyalty in your market. 

1. Be there with them every step of the way 

building customer loyalty using lead generation

This principle applies even when you encourage them to try your brand. When creating digital ads, make sure that you explore other targeting buckets other than just focusing on brand awareness. Let’s say your potential customer already saw your ad for brand awareness but was not convinced enough to buy in. Launching retargeting ads with different content can give them more information about what you are selling and underscore your brand presence. 

2. Treat your customers well 

Everyone wants to feel special. Delight your market by rewarding them for their loyalty to your brand. Loyalty programs, special discounts, and other perks consistently encourage repeat purchases. Here in the Philippines, for example, a popular chain of fitness gyms built loyalty with their existing customers while generating new ones by giving special perks and gifts for every successful membership referral. The strategy was effective because the business could also turn their current clients into their sales ambassadors.

3. Provide a solid customer experience 

building customer loyalty using lead generation

Gaining new customers is already challenging, but retaining them is a different level of complexity. It is a fact that many people stop doing business with a brand after a poor experience with them. To ensure that you keep your market loyal, ensure that you deliver them the best service at every stage of their experience with you—from discovering your brand to buying and down to after-sales. 

4. Understand your market  

Keeping your brand constantly connected with your market is essential to establish a trustworthy relationship. By knowing what makes your customers tick, you can connect with them on a personal level that can encourage brand loyalty. 

This is where the importance of data comes in. What aspects of your brand are most enticing to your market? What are the areas you can improve on? Knowing your strengths and areas for improvement lets you know which ones to put as a banner when advertising your business and which to develop.

5.  Be consistent 

Trust and loyalty are based on consistency. As long as you deliver a level of experience that your customers can always attribute to your brand, you no longer need to do much heavy lifting. Of course, this doesn’t mean you won’t be doing much work. To be consistent, you need to know what you are as a brand to share the same experience with your market. 

Creating a Strong Foundation

building customer loyalty using lead generation

Building customer loyalty using lead generation is a pillar of any successful digital marketing strategy. In a time when consumer expectations are shifting so quickly, establishing a community of loyal customers can draw the fine line between a brand’s success and failure. 

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