Pay Attention to These Elements When Designing Landing Pages

designing landing pages

The art of designing landing pages banks on the power of graphic design and visual content, and, of course, content creation.

On average, people spend roughly 54 seconds on a page before deciding whether to spend a few more minutes exploring or bounce off it to another more “worthy” of their time. This is why, for business owners, it is crucial to give these new visitors something to latch on to right off the bat. Thus, it is important to have an effective landing page – or the first page visitors see when they come across your web page.  The art of designing landing pages depends on the power of graphic design, visual content, and content creation.

When done right, a business’ landing page will undoubtedly result in lead generation, or how a business converts prospects into paying customers. 

Designing Landing Pages: The Common Stuff 

As it’s called, a landing page is the very first page a visitor sees when they come across your website. 

While all landing pages are tailored to convert new visitors into customers, each page differs mainly depending on their call-to-action (CTA). In a nutshell, CTA is the very thing you are baiting these visitors to do during the first crucial seconds in the hopes of further website/business exploration. 

While there are plenty of possible CTAs depending on the nature of the business, their goals, and their strategies, these are the common ones used, and you might have already encountered:

Landing Page of a Product-Oriented Business

designing landing pages

If you’re selling products, you’d want these to be as accessible as possible to prospective customers.

Thus, typically, this kind of business landing page would encourage a visitor to take action such as “shop now,” “check products on sale,” or “get a discount on your first order.” 

Landing Page of a Service-Oriented Business

On the other hand, if a business offers a certain service, it might play around with a CTA like “start your free trial” or “download this free resource.” 

The goal is usually for visitors to get a feel of your service even before shedding money for more access.

Crucial Elements for Designing Effective Landing Pages

The CTA is extremely important for an effective landing page, but it is not your be-all and end-all. 

If you are developing a landing page to increase your lead generation, you also have to take note of other elements. These are your stepping stones toward having a potential customer subscribe to the CTA you have in place. 

So, what involves the creative and design process of a landing page?

Promotional Copy

designing landing pages

It is best to brush off your content creation skills if you wish to end up with a landing page that works against all odds.

Sure, there are many good things about your business you would want to talk about at once, but it is best to funnel it down in support of your current goal. Once your goal is clear, craft your headline and a short copy to go with it. This is the element to use to quickly communicate what your brand is about and what’s in store for the visitors.

Avoid being over-the-top, though. New visitors can be skeptical, and you don’t want to drive them off by being unnecessarily “pompous” or “pretentious.” 

Graphic Design and Visual Content

designing landing pages

So you’ve come up with a catchy copy. Reel in your visitors further by making sure their eyes have something nice to look at, from the page’s overall creative design – which covers the colors and typography used – to the images available right there and then. It’s your quickest shot at showing off your branding, and it’s a great marketing tool.

But don’t just be aesthetically pleasing; leverage a story that will likely resonate with your audience. After all, people are more inclined to weave ads with a story over ads asking them to do something. Short story of this: Do not scrimp on your graphics because excellent visual storytelling does a lot with holding people’s attention. 

User Experience

How easy is it for the visitors to navigate your landing page? How responsive is your page in general? You might have caught their attention with your copy and visual design, but they can leave anytime if your page could be more user-friendly.

You want to consider the different devices people commonly use when surfing the internet, then ensure your page will be easy to navigate no matter what they’re using. 

Right for Privacy

Again, new visitors can be skeptical, and you don’t have their trust. If you wish to ask for their details in exchange for the “freebie” you’re offering them, keep it to a minimum – say, just their email address. 

In this case, asking yourself can do wonders: How much are you willing to divulge to a brand you’re interacting with for the first time?

The Importance of Optimization When Designing Landing Pages

Your landing page should only stay as it is for a while. You should monitor its effectiveness and take down key pointers to know what to change for higher lead generation.

Overall, try different variations of your landing page elements while ensuring you retain – or improve – your branding. Still, anchor this change on a specific goal, so you know how to present your information efficiently. 

The good thing is you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. Designing landing pages can take so much time, and if you’re better off delegating this task to someone for whom the job is almost like child’s play already, that works, too. Eight Media is one of the Philippine-based agencies you can collaborate with for this facet of your business. 

With years of experience and numerous well-known clients under our repertoire, we assure you that your business can only go up with us. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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