8 Digital Marketing Transformation Benefits That Mark Your Online Footprint To Better Business

digital transformation

Everyone needs upgrades. From mobile phones to the clothes you wear on your back, all of us develop that ‘must-have’ effect. Of course, we should first weigh our options before getting any upgrades. For businesses, undergoing digital transformation can offer more benefits than doing things traditionally. With digital technologies streamlining more work processes, this particular upgrade is a definite ‘must-have’ for every company.

Digital marketing transformation in the Philippines began as early as 2009. Tech terms such as cloud computing, Internet-of-Things, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence suddenly hit the mainstream across industries. Companies soon tried introducing modern business solutions to increase productivity via automation and reinforce data security. However, more than anything, employees saw digital transformations as a mere add-on to their company’s IT infrastructure rather than embracing it as modern workplace culture.

Only during the height of the pandemic did digital marketing in the Philippines indeed become essential. More businesses soon aimed to increase their online presence on social media and connect with consumers. Still, to some companies, digital marketing transformation benefits only seemed limited to replicating office operations into digital processes. Nonetheless, more businesses discovered more benefits in being a digital-first enterprise. 

Here are eight benefits that can further open your eyes to the importance of undergoing a digital marketing transformation.   

1. Proficiency in data management

Businesses deal with voluminous data that might be prone to security breaches. Digital transformation is vital in handling such mountains of data not only to optimize protection but also to automate analytical processes.

In marketing, digital systems fast track the gathering, segmentation, and transformation of raw data into actionable insights. It gives marketers a comprehensive overview of where they are in the funnel. Imagine a dashboard view of your performance, how you can tap into various customer touchpoints and further drive sales. Best of all, all of these are served with state-of-the-art data encryption to ensure maximum data security. 

2. Integrated resources for more effective digital marketing

Handling customer information without the proper tools to sort them out is like the proverbial needle in a haystack. With digital marketing transformation’s benefits in data management, companies can easily consolidate various information and resources into clusters stored in one platform. 

Hiring multiple vendors may seem like a good idea, but it’s not. Different data partners may create overlaps in the applications you use. Storing them into one repository is always best for security, organization, and cost-efficiency. 

That proves the importance of digital transformation in the workplace. It can’t just be an add-on. Instead, it should cover and align every department in your company for optimum cohesion. 

3. Data-driven customer insights

Most objectives usually boil down to helping your sales team generate leads in traditional marketing. However, digital transformation’s importance in business allows you to unlock more business opportunities from data-driven customer insights. From knowing how to personalize your customers’ preferences to improving your marketing strategies, digital marketing makes everything customer-centric rather than simply selling products or services.  

Time and again, digital marketing in the Philippines has proven helpful in better understanding what consumers need via data. The technologies that mine raw data and structure them into social media metrics and analytics also continue to evolve. In other words, data-driven insights help you create more tailor-fit and agile content for different types of customers within your marketing funnel. 

4. Improved customer experience 

Today’s consumers (most of which belong to Generations Y and Z) prefer more experiential content from brands. That’s why 86 percent of Philippine SMEs acknowledge the importance of digital transformation strategies as the key to growth. 

However, we all know that smartphones, VR headsets, or every other gadget that allows access online constantly upgrade their software and hardware. Those upgrades are mainly parallel to changes in search engine algorithms and social media ad policies that aim to provide better user experiences.

Since that’s the case, focusing your marketing strategy on the same approach is the key. By causing better efficiencies in how you gather insights, you can deliver more seamless and intuitive experiences for your customers. Experiences that transform how you send emails or update your social media content for your audiences’ benefit. With more engaging digital experiences, you increase your chances of becoming more competitive in today’s highly discerning market.

5. Promotion of digital culture across all departments

There’s no denying that everyone is slowly acknowledging the fact that digital solutions make everything more convenient. However, there are still many professionals in the country who are resistant to such change.

During the height of the pandemic, most Philippine companies treated digital transformations like a sixth man option during crunch time rather than a game-winning play. In other words, more business leaders should learn to accept digitalization as a modern work culture than merely a temporary solution.    

Including digital transformations in your company’s mission, vision, and value statements will tell everyone in your fold that they have to embrace the changes. Let your employees know its benefits and how they should use them to get the jobs done. Creating a true digital culture will eventually open them to more future developments and upgrades.

6. Higher chances for profit

The benefits of digital transformation increase your workforce’s productivity, resulting in higher profits. At least 80 percent of digital-first companies say so. 

With better brand awareness and reach that increases your market share, you can achieve at least a 23 percent revenue growth through efficient digital marketing strategies. 

There are three things you should ensure when pivoting towards a digital marketing shift in the Philippines, which can be easily remembered as ABC: 

  • Analyzing your social metrics 
  • Boosting your online presence 
  • Creating more engaging content 

Satisfying your audience’s appetite for media content can increase your search engine rankings and turn you into a top-of-mind player in today’s market.

7. Improved agility

Streamlining work processes is another significant benefit that a digital marketing transformation offers. Partnering with an all-in-one digital marketing partner that offers scalable software services at lower costs makes business losses close to nil.

In finding a digital transformation partner, make sure you go for one that’s focused on speed-to-market solutions and knows their way on the industry’s fast-paced superhighway.

8. More productive people and processes

Overall, considering all the right tech solutions and the right people to make them work increases productivity. Digital marketing transformation benefits aim to automate processes so local businesses can accomplish things faster, safer, and more efficiently. 

While digital marketing in the Philippines has not fully developed yet, especially in the SME sector, such transformations are never too late. Riding today’s unprecedented growth to adopt the technologies brought about by the pandemic is a good start. 

However, long-term growth will depend on the importance of digital transformation in your company culture, and how you can create more strategic actions. Procrastinating on whether you need it or not in today’s business landscape may only lose you more potential customers. Worse, you might find your business buried deep in the ancient ruins of traditional marketing.

Benefit your business by transforming digitally

There are several ways that digital marketing transformation can positively impact your business. This development guarantees improvement of your customers’ experiences through data-driven insights that allow you to better understand your audience. You will also observe heightened productivity and agility among your staff—and as a result, your business operations. 

With all these benefits, there’s little reason to believe that you should still delay taking your first step towards digital transformation. Let Eight Media help you start! Contact us and get a free 15-minute consultation.


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