Rebranding in Creatives and Design: When It Succeeds or Stalls

rebranding in creatives and design

Rebranding in creatives and design is just more than changing the company’s name and logo. When you rebrand, you’ll have to develop new plans

Rebranding in creatives and design is the process of changing the image or identity of an individual or business. One of its purposes is to reposition your brand in the ever-changing industry for a more positive outcome. A recent example of rebranding is Facebook Company to Meta and Twitter to X.

Now, rebranding in creatives and design is just more than changing the company’s name and logo. When you rebrand, you’ll have to develop new plans for content creation, graphic design and visual content, messaging, customer service approach, and more. This transformation deals with anything that helps set up your business for success.

However, rebranding in creatives and design isn’t always easy. You have to consider the following factors for it to succeed:

Factors you need to consider for a successful rebranding

To increase the likelihood of a successful rebranding effort, take into account the following factors.

The need for rebranding

rebranding in creatives and design

Ask yourself – Is there really a need to adopt a new branding and brand strategy? Sometimes, you just feel a need to rebrand because your competitors are rebranding. Don’t just follow your competitors. Look within. Is there a disconnect happening between your existing brand and customers? Do you plan to expand your products and services, but your current brand doesn’t match? Did mergers or acquisitions occur? Before making a bold rebranding move, assess your company’s unique situations first.

The sentiments of your customers, investors, and employees

Even if you’re the boss of your own company, it’s still crucial to consider the sentiments of your customers, investors, and employees about your rebranding initiatives. To foster a positive reaction to the upcoming change, consistently communicate that the familiar brand will pivot into a new goal while preserving its mission and core values.

Your strategic vision

rebranding in creatives and design

Rebranding in creatives and design requires a strategic vision for success. What are your strategies for rebranding elements like logos, taglines, graphic design and visual content, ads, products, packaging, customer service, and mission statements? What are your plans for content creation to ensure the effective delivery of your new brand’s messaging? As you can see, rebranding involves multiple touchpoints; hence it demands a well-planned approach.

Your target demographic

When rebranding, it’s essential to retain your loyal audience while also captivating the attention of your new target demographic. You can do this by learning the overlapping needs and preferences of your intended audience. With your target demographic in mind, you’ll be able to align your rebranding’s messaging, content creation, visuals, and campaigns.

Funds and resources

rebranding in creatives and design

The rebranding process can be quite costly. This incurs potential expenses for new hires, new suppliers, or collaborating with different agencies. These activities require both financial investment and manpower. To avoid any stall in your rebranding progress, it’s essential that you have adequate funds and resources at your disposal.

Rebranding in creatives and design entails numerous other factors. However addressing the aforementioned considerations can provide a solid starting point.

Examples of successful and failed rebranding attempt

A new branding and brand strategy can either lead to success or failure. Even established brands aren’t immune to the risks of rebranding stalls. Here are some examples:

Burger King – Success

Do you remember the old logo of Burger King? Their old logo had this pair of shiny burger buns, a red Burger King typography, and a blue whoosh on the side. 

But in 2021, Burger King decided to rebrand as they want to introduce healthier food options in their menu.

Today, they’re rocking this retro-themed logo, exhibiting a red bubble “Burger King” typography sandwiched between a pair of flat buns (without the shine).

The new logo is well-received by their customers and even the graphic design and visual content community. Burger King’s rebranding efforts didn’t go in vain as they have witnessed an increase in sales.

Walmart – Success

Wal-Mart, now Walmart, also pursued a rebranding endeavor. Since their old tagline, “Always low prices.” wasn’t making the cut anymore, Walmart made a logo and tagline overhaul in 2008 to shift towards a new focus.

Walmart is now sporting a yellow spark icon, symbolizing innovation and inspiration. Moreover, they replaced their old tagline with “Save money. Live better.”

And the result of Walmart’s rebranding? They generated more revenue than Amazon in the United States.

Tropicana – Failed

Tropicana underwent a rebranding in January 2009. But on February 2009, they announced that they would bring the old look back. Their new packaging designs weren’t received well by their consumers. 

The usual “orange with straw” image was gone and you couldn’t exactly read “Tropicana” because it was flipped vertically and placed on the side. This rebranding endeavor cost Tropicana more than 50 million dollars

Gap – Failed

Gap, an American retail clothing company with branches worldwide took a rebranding initiative in 2010 – due to declining sales since the 2008 crisis. 

Gap tried to solve its sales problem by surprising its customers with its new logo in October 2010 in an attempt to attract more sales during the holiday season.

Since Gap failed to fully communicate its rebranding intentions to its customers, people are confused if the new Gap clothing is even authentic. And in just 6 days, Gap reverted to its old logo.

Twitter – ???

Twitter’s rebranding to X shocked people. Some described Twitter’s rebranding as unplanned, rushed, and even desperate.

Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter, the social media platform has experienced major overhauls. The Twitter platform became X in July 2023, but its rebranding is still incomplete. You can still see traces of the iconic blue bird and “tweets” in X’s copies.

Elon envisions X as an “everything app.” Yet aside from the X logo, there is currently nothing noteworthy about X. So will Twitter’s rebranding be a success or a failure in the upcoming months?

Eight Media, your partner in your rebranding journey

Rebranding in creatives and design is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time! You won’t exactly know if it’ll be a win or a flop. If you’re unsure where to start your rebranding journey, Eight Media can help. We specialize in drip marketing as well as digital marketing in the Philippines. From strategic planning to seamless execution, we’re equipped with the right tools and skills to help guide your company to find a new branding and brand strategy that works.

Book a free consultation with us today and uncover the ways we can help boost your business.


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