6 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Manager for Your Small Business

hire a social media manager

The term “social media manager” has a fancy ring to it. You would think it’s just scrolling endlessly on Facebook and Instagram all day long, but this job entails so much more than that. Social media managers keep businesses of all sizes relevant to the public with posts that promote their products and services. If you’re running a small business, hire a social media manager to grow your online presence. Read more to know why.


Social Media Management in a Nutshell

hire a social media manager

Social media management is the long process of content creation and publishing, strategy development, interaction with users, and performance tracking. From the surface level, it’s promoting products and services on platforms like Instagram and Facebook for business. 

Business owners should know the importance of social media management to avoid taking it for granted. Social media marketing in the Philippines helps Philippine-based businesses grow into household brands while maintaining a good reputation with the public. Almost everyone has at least one social media account. Promoting on many platforms one at a time will ensure that a social media post always reaches somebody in any part of the country. 

Here’s Why You Should Hire a Social Media Manager

Your business may be small, but it won’t thrive like you imagine it to be without a social media manager. Here are some reasons for getting one:

1. To save your time

hire a social media manager

When you run a small business, you do almost everything, especially managing and marketing your products online. It’s difficult and confusing to keep up with every single business operation. Hiring a social media manager takes some of the workload and time off your shoulders. They handle the marketing side of your business, so you can focus on other business operations.

2. To bring in new customers by first engaging them

hire a social media manager

Social media managers pull new customers into your business with their marketing skills. If the marketing is a huge success, expect your business to grow bigger and bigger. Social media managers also have to know the top social media trends to create content that will resonate well with the audience. Posting a witty and killer copy would get people talking and can help them know more about your products and services. Bringing new people to patronize your business lies in the skills and decisions of social media managers.

3. To create content that caters to the right audience

hire a social media manager

Well-made content remains supreme in today’s social media landscape. Social media managers are adept at creating content for social media to promote your business, such as short captions and videos. Their ample knowledge of the current trends in social media marketing helps them create a marketing strategy from fresh ideas and trending online topics. Aside from that, they integrate the right tools when making content that engages the audience. 

4. To build the brand identity of your business

hire a social media manager

However big or small your operations may be, your brand has to have a certain identity to make you stand out. Social media managers curate and maintain that said “image” for your business by projecting values through written content, logo, and taglines. They research the audience and competitors and think of a particular attribute that would make your business different from the rest. They know which colors and language suit your business well and use them to reach out to customers. Social media managers keep the brand identity of your business consistent online and offline—another reason to trust them with this part of marketing.

5. To handle campaigns

hire a social media manager

Social media managers take control of your online marketing campaign. You need them to set more concrete goals for your business. They schedule posts on their content calendars and provide data to track the campaign’s performance. They also know what kind of content clicks to the public with the amount of engagement a post has. The data and reports will then help you come up with the best decisions for your business. 

6. To build your brand’s reputation and help customers

hire a social media manager

Your online reputation makes a huge impact on your sales. People will research your business and read reviews. From a consumer’s perspective, you wouldn’t want to buy a product or get a service from a business plagued with negative criticisms.


That’s when social media managers come in to keep your reputation palatable. They are responsive to people’s concerns and follow up with the most appropriate step to address any problem. Good or bad, every criticism is worth a reply. Press releases also make an appeal to journalists and bloggers to give your business another chance to thrive. 

Need to Hire a Social Media Manager for Your Business? We’re Here to Help!

As a business owner, it is important to hire a social media manager as a sound investment for the growth of your business. After all, they will be your brand’s voice that can position your business as one of the best in the industry—if you hire the right one for the job. 

Eight Media is the best team to consult when you need a seasoned social media manager. Our team of experts handles data-driven social media management that will bridge the gap between you and your consumers. Together, we can achieve your most ambitious business goals. Contact our team today for a free consultation.

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