Keep Up with the Demands of Voice Search in Digital Marketing

voice search in digital marketing

From the impact of voice search in digital marketing to the things business owners can do to find continuous success.

As time passes, consumer behavior changes. And in a bid to keep up with the times, business owners have to mold their digital marketing strategy accordingly. One of the latest trends today is the use of voice search. By directly speaking to one’s smartphone – or whatever gadget allows this innovative feature – an individual can simply talk to it and get instant answers. 

This means the need to type and do a series of scrolls just to get the desired results can now be a thing of the past. From the impact of voice search in digital marketing to the things business owners can do to continuously find success in the realm of digital marketing in the Philippines, we hash out here with consideration to this technological advancement.

Before the Rise of Voice Search in Digital Marketing, There’s Audrey 

It might not seem all that possible, but it was in 1952 when Audrey, the first ever voice recognition technology in the world, came into existence through Bell Labs by Alexander Graham Bell. 

Audrey could be used for voice dialing (but only by specific individuals) and to lessen the ‘volume of data traveling over the wires.’ Aside from these limited features, unlike the technology of today where users can access the reigning voice assistants – Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa – in something as compact as a smartphone, Audrey occupies an entire room and teeters with wires. 

The Rise of Voice Search in Digital Marketing Has an Acceptable Reason

voice search in digital marketing

People turn to voice search because it allows them to ask questions and get information without interrupting their current activities. They would just have to speak and have the answers given to them on a golden plate. 

It is the ease of accessibility that, while a luxury or “nice-to-have” item for the abled people, is an excellent benefit for individuals who have difficulties doing the traditional text search

In 2023, it is said that 125.2 million people have used voice assistants – and the age group that adapts this technology is 18 to 24 individuals. In the same breath, another research outlines that 40% of adults use voice search daily. 

Another proof of its upward trajectory is how accessible it is via today’s smartphones. People can now use an entire “smart home” ecosystem, from appliances to security systems. So, while one might think that traditional search still trumps voice search, hence the non-urgency to optimize one’s digital marketing strategy in light of this shift in consumer behavior. The changes are underway, even if they’re not that massive yet. 

The Impact of Voice Search on Digital Marketing

voice search in digital marketing

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) area is stilted with voice search in the picture. In principle, SEO is anchored on how an internet user would typically look up a piece of information, not in complete sentences, but definitely in a way that would give them the desired result with just keywords.  

Now, it has to consider how people use voice search – especially in comparison to text search. This long-tail keyword will apply to almost complete sentences of questions consumers ask through voice search. Digital marketers would want to optimize the keywords in their websites and social media posts to fit this shift in searching behavior. 

So, while it is convenient for users and business owners, addressing the demands of voice search is all about a shot at increased lead generation.

How to Address the Trend of Voice Search for Digital Marketing Success: SEO Version 

You want to be among the top results when people use voice search to ask a question or for a recommendation. Your SEO might be primed for text search, but it’s time to answer the call of voice search optimization. Here are a few digital marketing solutions for your business:

Craft a Voice Search-Friendly “Featured Snippet”

Pull back to mind the times you search for something on a search engine. When deciding which link to click, you did not just look at the title but also read the brief description that comes with it. 

This is your “featured snippet.” If you wish to stand out as a website owner, ensure that yours is powerful enough to reel in potential customers. 

Build a Simple FAQ Page on Your Site

The critical point of how people do voice searches: they start their questions with the five (5) Ws – what, who, where, when, and why. You can find the easiest way to cover these keywords by placing the information under your FAQ page on your website. As it turns out, an FAQ page that teems with helpful information tends to bode well with Google’s ranking algorithm.

Manage Business Reviews

People of today don’t just buy a product or pay for a service at random. They are more likely to scour the internet first for the business they plan to do a transaction with and check the reviews of previous customers. 

To increase your chances of being part of the list when a user does voice search, ensure that you have good reviews and star ratings, and make the effort to have many of them! 

Take Charge of Your Local Search Reputation 

You can customize how your business appears on search engines like Google. Yup, the ones you see – at least not all – when you search for the restaurants near you are not random of nature. They turn to tools like a Google Business Profile and take charge of how their business would appear to increase their chances of attracting a potential customer. 

Having one boosts a brand’s visibility on both Google Search and Google Maps.

Other Ways to Optimize for Voice Search in Digital Marketing

Beyond doing updates to your brand’s SEO, below are a few other marketing tips for business owners in light of the rise of voice search: 

Voice-Activate Your Chat Bot

voice search in digital marketing

One might think chatbots are heaven-sent, especially for businesses as these make it easy for them to address inquiries and limit the instances of losing potential customers. for customers, chatbots provide the convenience of having their basic questions answered quickly and effortlessly.

But technology proves to be a gift that keeps on giving because voice-activated chatbots are now a thing, too, and if you want to be on top of the game as a business owner, you’re better to start incorporating it into your strategy.  

Consider Voice-Enabled Ads

It was sharp copywriting until it was eye-catching visuals and voice-enabled advertising. This is familiar, with radio spots being a thing long before, but with the rise of podcasts and digital music, ads delivered via voice can do wonders for businesses.   

It is steep with controversy, but lots of software enables individuals to turn to Artificial Intelligence (AI) communicators to deliver their desired message. 

Introduce an In-app Voice Search 

A mobile application is less common for typical businesses than a website. But if you have an app or are planning to have one, incorporating voice search can be a deal-breaker for your users.

Are you familiar with the music app Shazam? It allows users to sing the song directly into the app for ease of song identification – miles away from convenience versus typing choppy, sometimes unrecognizable lyrics into the search bar of one’s preferred search engine.

Future-Proof Your Business with the Help of an Agency

voice search in digital marketing

Voice search is not and will not be the only technological advancement that will change the game of digital marketing in the Philippines. You can always find a way to keep up, of course, but there’s always that option of outsourcing the bulk of the task to a group of people adept at the job.

Business owners in the Philippines rely on Eight Media to help them devise effective digital marketing strategies and achieve their goals. Reach out to us today for a free consultation, and let’s discuss how we can future-proof your business amid the rise of voice search in digital marketing, among others!


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