Twitter as a Social Media Platform: Should the PH Still Use X?

twitter a social media platform

Twitter, a social media platform, was one of Filipinos’ favorite social media sites. Filipinos used X to discuss current events.

Twitter, a social media platform, was one of Filipinos’ favorite social media sites. It was reported that the Philippines was one of Twitter’s fastest-growing markets in 2018. Filipinos use Twitter to discuss politics, current events, opinions, cultural expressions, and even daily ramblings. Some Philippine-based businesses were active on Twitter and implemented various social media marketing techniques to reach the right people. 

But the liveliness of the Filipino Twitter community soon changed when Elon Musk took over Twitter and rebranded it as X. With this, using X has always been different. And it’s not just the Philippines. Other countries like the US have been using X less. So, you might ask—Is X still a relevant social media platform, especially in the Philippine business? Read this article to find out.

What’s Good About X?

Let’s accept that Twitter’s glory days are already over. Twitter, a social media platform used to battle the #1 position with Facebook, is no longer active. However, there are still some merits left on X if you want your business to hop on this platform, such as the following:

With Millions of Filipino users

Despite Twitter becoming X, the platform still has millions of Filipino users. According to Statista, X has over 10.69 million Filipino users as of April 2024. So, if you’re concerned that the effectiveness of social media marketing will be rendered useless on X, you don’t need to worry.

Allows Longer Character Count

Before, Twitter restricted its users to 140 characters. However, with its rebranding to X, users can now input up to 280 characters. Though the additional characters may seem modest, X allows users to convey more about their business.

Easy-To-Use Interface

twitter a social media platform

X is built with an easy-to-use interface. No matter your age, you can navigate this social media platform without a problem. Compared to other social media platforms, X has a minimalist interface and few buttons to click.

Less Bots and Spam

Bots and spam were among the complaints of Twitter users. But X curbed this problem by introducing a paid subscription program. Furthermore, for new users based in New Zealand and the Philippines, X will charge a $1 annual fee. NZ and PH have the highest bot and spam activities.

More Targeted Marketing Opportunities

twitter a social media platform

Digital marketing in the Philippines is saturated. Everyone is on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. X could be the solution for those seeking a platform offering more focused marketing opportunities.

Disadvantages of Using X for Philippine Businesses

Now that you have learned the benefits and effectiveness of social media marketing in X let’s talk about its disadvantages when you decide to use Twitter as a social media platform for your business. 

X Ads May Not Reach Enough People

Although X still has more than 10 million Filipino users, spending time and paying for ads on this platform may yield different results than you want. X’s Filipino user base of 10 million still needs to catch up to Facebook’s 100 million Filipino users, TikTok’s 49 million Filipino users, and Instagram’s 21 million Filipino users. Yet, you can still hear some business owners complaining that running paid ads on these leading social media platforms fails to deliver their desired ROI. Given its smaller user base, what are the odds of X outperforming these top social media platforms?

Charges New X Philippine accounts

What shocked the Filipino Twitter community was when Elon Musk announced that new Filipino users must pay a $1 annual fee to post on X. Although $1 is just a nominal amount, Filipinos don’t like the idea of paying for social media access, especially when plenty of other free platforms are out there.

Needs to Post a Lot to Appear on X Feed

One of the best social media marketing techniques, regardless of the platform, is consistency in posting. However, unlike Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, where short-form videos can often garner generous views even with zero to minimal followers, on X, you need to increase your posting frequency before you begin appearing on the feeds of random users.

Prioritizes Premium Users

Of course, it’s only natural for X to favor their premium users (those with the blue or gold check marks beside their X name). Their posts often populate X’s “For you” feed. And it’s very rare to find and discover posts in the “For you” feed from non-premium X users. So, if you’re a business based in the Philippines, securing that checkmark is crucial to reaching more people.

Potential for Miscommunication

Although X now allows its users to post up to 280 characters, it can still lead to miscommunication. The concise nature of tweets can sometimes hinder the accurate delivery of your message to your target audience, causing misunderstandings.

Businesses That May Thrive and Shine on X

twitter a social media platform

X is not all gloom. Certain types of businesses may receive attention from Twitter a social media platform that used to be one of the top socials. These include the following business industries:


Until today, the news industry is still thriving on X. It’s one of the most preferred platforms of media outlets, publishers, and politicians for delivering breaking news. So, if you’re planning to start a business in the news industry, X might just be the right platform for you.


Many Filipinos enjoy sharing live updates on X while watching their favorite sports. This presents an opportunity for increased visibility for your sports-related business on X.

Higher education

Numerous college students and professors are actively sharing their perspectives on the state of education on X. This provides you with a chance to showcase your educational products on the platform.


Twitter was previously a hub for tech enthusiasts. While there are fewer tech users on X today, you can still utilize this platform by applying social media marketing techniques to promote your tech-related products.

Food and Beverage

Although X may not be as effective as Instagram in showcasing food and beverage businesses, it still offers a valuable platform for such industries. Users frequently share their dining experiences on X, presenting an opportunity for businesses in the food and beverage industry.

Is X Still Important for Filipino Businesses?

Social media marketing significantly influences consumer behavior, and Twitter (now known as X) once held a prominent position in the social media landscape. Is it worth investing most of your time on X instead of other popular platforms?

X still works for businesses in different countries like the US. But in the Philippines? The only way to know is to give it a try. By employing effective social media marketing techniques on X, you can maximize your profits and enhance your business presence on this platform. But if you prefer to play it safe, we recommend directing your marketing efforts toward the leading social media platforms in the Philippines, like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Contact Eight Media today for a free consultation if you need help with social media management.


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