Blog Assets that Tell a Story Using Creatives and Design

how to create blog assets

To ensure that all digital marketing materials are streamlined, it’s essential to know how to create blog assets that champion one’s brand.

Excellent copywriting can and will take a business to great heights but more is needed. Mindless scrolling is now a thing of the present. If digital marketers want to catch the attention of potential customers amid this, they must develop scroll-stopping graphic design and visual content. However, to ensure that all past and future digital marketing materials will be streamlined despite their differences, it is essential to know how to create blog assets championing one’s branding.

Why Business Owners Must Know How to Create Blog Assets

Yes, social media is where the bulk of digital marketing competition happens. Still, business owners should not undermine the power of having a well-maintained and visually appealing website – even if one is just starting. For everyone’s information, websites are very much still it. 

It is a brand’s home where all of its digital footprints come together, thus making it easy for a possible consumer to check out what you have, increases overall credibility, and acts as a springboard for better brand visibility

Still, the job does not end with creating a website and hoping it helps you achieve your marketing goals; one should put in the work to ensure it remains up to date and champions your branding, especially in graphic design and visual content. 

How to Create Blog Assets That Work: The Essentials

Even if you will outsource the bulk of the content creation tasks for your brand’s website, it helps to know the things that make it work. 

First things first: Your branding should be clear. How should you want to present your brand to the world? 

Once you have the answer, create a brand guide covering the blog assets. Having this at hand will help you execute campaigns, even if the individuals who will work on them have different creative and design processes.  

Figure Out Your Color Palette

The generic connotation of a color easily trumps a brand’s intention or understanding. This is why it’s wise to be familiar with the science of color and then jump off to pinpoint the colors that would later be the brand’s palette. 

A reliable factor to base the chosen colors on is the emotions you want your brand to evoke among your customers. For instance, if you want to champion the feel of opulence, dominance, and power, go with black. Blue is the way to go if it’s more on stability, calm, and trust. 

Choose the Most Fitting Typography

how to create blog assets

Just as the colors were better dependent on the overall mood of the brand, your fonts should be, too. Typography can deliver a message on its own (even before it can register with a person), so it should be treated with care. You don’t want to ruin all your efforts with content creation just because the fonts you are using do not communicate your message. 

It’s about striking a balance between using a limited set of font styles for a smooth design and introducing a variety of weights and sizes for emphasis and ease of readability. 

Outline the Allowable Imagery

No matter how well thought out your colors and typography are, you will still need more visual elements. And, of course, these should enhance what you already have, not ruin the whole picture. 

So, choose the right images for the different pages of your website to elevate and cement your brand’s excellent graphic design and visual content. 

Put in the Work for your Logo

Think of your logo as the sole representative of your brand. It is a given that it would play well with the entirety of your website, but how do you make sure it will be just as good when used outside of it? 

Embody your brand in your logo, and develop variations of the same logo that can fit various needs – within your platforms or others should the need finally come up. 

Identify Your Slogan

In a few words, how can you make people remember the entirety of your brand? This is your slogan. While it is not a graphic element, it will further streamline everything you will make moving forward, despite their differences. One significant benefit: It will strengthen your brand identity and recognition and, in time, increase lead generation. 

Remember, though, that a slogan is a consistent catchphrase for your brand, which is different from a tagline that you come up with and changes depending on a campaign!

So, You Know How to Create Blog Assets; Here’s How to Harness Their Power 

how to create blog assets

These blog assets should work as one when laid out in the open. There are no colors, typography, or even imagery anymore because they’re just one – and that is your own brand identity. To ensure your graphic design and visual content results in lead generation, bank on the power of good visual storytelling. Keep these things in mind:

Content Structure 

Take your customer on a journey – with a beginning, middle, and end. Having these “stages” will make it easier to rally them to the end where your call-to-action is.


A possible pitfall: An over-the-top blog content filled with many elements and content simultaneously. Strike for clarity!

This is where visual hierarchy comes in: play around with font sizes and weights to visually guide a customer’s attention – from the most critical piece of information down to the supplemental content.

Content Sensitivity

Your audience is the entire world – and the whole world is home to people from all walks of life. 

Do your research and ensure that whatever you have will not forsake any groups or causes for the sake of content creation.  

Grow Your Brand Further Through Digital Advertising

how to create blog assets

Your materials are unique, and it’s only a matter of time before they have a life of their own – working for your brand without moving a finger. Having them go live is just the first step, though; content creation mixed with effective digital advertising is the needed combination to increase awareness of your brand and lead generation. 

This area is completely different from knowing how to create effective blog assets.. You can learn it from scratch – which can be easy considering the online resources available – but you can also outsource the job to digital agencies. 
Eight Media can do this for you, no matter your business nature and goals. Reach out to us today to outline how we can help your brand as we have successfully done others – both big and small!

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