Filipino Brands’ Online Advertising: The Best Ad Strategies

Filipino brands’ online advertising

Using different Filipino brands’ online advertising strategies can enhance your online presence, and increase your sales.

If you’re a business owner in the Philippines, you know that getting the attention of your target customers can be a real challenge. With many competitors in the market, it’s becoming hard to stand out. However, implementing digital ads is still a way to differentiate your business from competitors. Using different online advertising strategies can enhance your online presence, engage your customers, and increase your sales. If you’re eager to learn about digital marketing solutions for small businesses, this article will introduce you to the top online advertising techniques that are perfect for any Filipino business.

Top 6 Online Advertising Strategies for Your PH Biz

Eight Media has served numerous businesses both locally and internationally. We can confidently say that Filipino brands’ online advertising differs from other countries. For example, a US-based cleaning service provider is willing to allocate a large budget for Google ads since many Americans use Google to search for business services. However, this is not the case for a Philippine-based cleaning service provider. You’ll rarely see a PH-based cleaning business spending money on Google ads because Filipinos rely on social media to find local services. So, if you don’t want to waste money and time on the wrong digital marketing platform, here are the best online advertising strategies you can use for your PH biz: 

1. Facebook Ads

Filipino brands’ online advertising

As of January 2024, around 100,517,500 million Filipinos are using Facebook which accounts for 85.8% of the Philippine population. Even without looking at the statistics, you can tell that Facebook is Filipinos’ favorite social media platform. Aside from the knowledge tidbits and entertainment this platform provides, Filipinos can access Facebook for free but with limited features. So, if you’re looking for a social media platform to spend your limited ad budget, prioritize creating digital ads on Facebook.

Facebook ads are a great way to reach a targeted and broader audience. If you want Facebook ads to show favorable results for your business, having a starting budget of 100 to 500 per day is ideal. 

2. TikTok Ads

TikTok became popular in the Philippines during the pandemic. Today, there are around 49.09 million Filipinos who use the platform. Initially, many Filipinos, especially business owners, didn’t view TikTok as an effective digital marketing platform because it seemed to be a haven for young people who love dancing and singing. But the following statistics may shock you. Most TikTok users in the Philippines are young individuals, likely working, aged between 18 and 24, making up 45.86% of the user base, followed closely by those in the 25-34 age group at 32.93%. 

With such demographics, more Philippine-based businesses are recognizing TikTok’s potential. As a trend leader, TikTok offers businesses new, relaxed, and fun ways to appeal to a younger audience through playful content that boosts engagement. Brands like Oppo, Grab, Food Panda, McDonalds, and RC Cola have successfully used TikTok, and even severe industries like banks (BPI and Unionbank) are running TikTok ads.

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the best digital marketing solutions for small businesses. This online advertising technique involves businesses collaborating with popular social media users. If you’ve seen your favorite vlogger promoting a specific product or service, that’s influencer marketing. 

If you’re a mom brand aiming to connect with more moms, team up with mommy vloggers and send them product samples for review. You can also offer them monetary compensation. Likewise, if your business sells garden nets, consider partnering with Plantito or Plantita influencers to showcase your products. The success of your influencer marketing campaign depends on choosing the right influencers.

4. User-Generated Content (UGC) Campaigns

A UGC campaign is another highly effective Filipino brand’s online advertising technique. Unlike influencer marketing, UGC campaigns are more authentic and genuine, featuring reviews and content from “real” users of your brand who aren’t paid. 

In UGC campaigns, you can leverage the content created and shared by your customers. This can include screenshots of their reviews, reposting their pictures or videos, or sharing their written testimonials on your business’s social media platforms. 

But how do you find user-generated content? It’s simple. Just search for your brand name using the search function of social media platforms and look for people mentioning your business name or products. You can also source content from the review sections of your e-commerce stores.

5. Video Marketing

Digital marketing in the Philippines is continually evolving. Before, plain text and images were the most overused digital formats for online advertising campaigns. But today, more Philippine-based businesses are utilizing video formats. 

Video marketing means the usage of video content to promote your brand. There’s paid video marketing and organic (non-paid) video marketing. Paid video marketing is a quick way to reach more of your target customers. But if you don’t have the budget for paid video ads, you can resort to organic video marketing. However, this entails consistently posting videos on social media to reach your audience. To increase organic reach, publish more reels on Facebook, Instagram, or Shorts on YouTube. Unlike longer videos, short-form videos offer more exposure.

6. Contests and Giveaways

Filipino brands’ online advertising

Filipinos love freebies. If you aim to boost brand awareness, grow social media followers, and encourage engagement, host contests and giveaways. For example, entry mechanics include following your page, sharing the post, tagging three friends, or prompting participants to share reasons why they deserve to win. 

However, one disadvantage of contests or giveaways is the potential of attracting an untargeted audience or individuals solely interested in freebies rather than genuinely engaging and patronizing your brand. To solve this problem, you could require participants to submit a photo of themselves using your product.

While numerous Filipino brands use online advertising techniques like Google Ads, email marketing, and SEO, these strategies are most effective alongside a business website. However, the reality is that many small- to medium-sized Filipino businesses often need a website and an active online presence. Therefore, investing in these forms of advertising may not give your business the most favorable results. Nevertheless, the six techniques above remain highly effective for Philippine-based companies across various industries, whether you have a website or not.

Tips to Have a Successful Filipino Brands’ Online Advertising Campaign

Online advertising campaigns offer a pathway out of poor reach, engagement, and sales. However, implementing digital ads doesn’t guarantee overnight success, especially with poorly executed campaigns. To boost your chances of achieving desired outcomes, consider the following tips:

Establish a Clear Goal

Establish a clear goal for your online campaigns, whether increasing followers or boosting sales; setting measurable goals allows you to evaluate digital advertising results effectively.

Know Your Target Audience

Avoid the common mistake of targeting a broad audience. Instead, identify and prioritize your target audience to optimize your ad budget.

Develop a Content Strategy

Design a content strategy tailored to your target audience’s preferences. Determine the messaging, imagery, and digital marketing format that resonates best with your audience.

Track and Analyze Your Data

Monitor the performance metrics of your campaign to know if it’s working. If your campaign yields poor results, consider making adjustments.

Win in Online Advertising with Eight Media

Filipino brands’ online advertising

Creating digital ads demands a lot of time and creative energy. The entire process can take several days, from planning to writing compelling copies and designing eye-catching visuals or videos. Let Eight Media take the reins of your marketing efforts if you don’t have time to implement Filipino brands’ online advertising campaigns. We’re a team of digital marketing experts proficient in online advertising, content marketing, digital graphics, social media, and web development. Are you curious about how we can elevate your business? Schedule a free online consultation today.

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