Mastering LinkedIn a Social Media Platform for B2B Marketing

linkedin a social media platform

LinkedIn is a social media platform designed for professionals to share job opportunities and expand their networks.

In the Philippines, everyone knows Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. And most businesses focus their efforts on digital marketing in the Philippines on these popular platforms. However, another platform that can help open more business opportunities, especially those in the B2B fields, is LinkedIn. LinkedIn, a social media platform, is specially built for professionals to share job opportunities and expand their networks. LinkedIn exudes a “more formal” vibe than FB, IG, and TikTok. But it doesn’t mean LinkedIn is a boring social media platform—not for business owners and professionals. Using social media marketing techniques, you might find your ideal clients and community on LinkedIn. 

Should Philippine B2B Businesses be on LinkedIn?

Social media marketing status in the Philippines indicates that while LinkedIn may only be widely popular among some Filipino communities, this niche social media platform offers many opportunities, especially for Philippine B2B businesses. Here are the reasons why:

Find More Quality Leads on LinkedIn

Sure, FB, IG, and TikTok surpass LinkedIn’s users by a significant margin. Facebook has around 86 million Filipino users, Instagram 20 million, and TikTok 49 million, while LinkedIn has only 11 million. However, because these platforms are very general, you need to filter through many users to find the most qualified leads for your business.

Since LinkedIn a social media platform, is a haven for professionals, it isn’t an attractive platform for people who are not career- or business-focused. With the platform’s focus on professional networking, the effectiveness of social media marketing on LinkedIn will show more favorable results as it’s the ideal place to connect with decision-makers and industry experts.

Have More Meaningful Conversations

linkedin a social media platform

Professionals are often mindful of how they interact with people, especially on social media. LinkedIn users usually share their thoughts in an engaging yet professional manner, leading to more meaningful conversations. 

Unlike other social media platforms where negative interactions can occur every day, LinkedIn is an excellent place for productive and respectful discussions about your B2B business and profession. Of course, LinkedIn isn’t entirely free from negativity, but such instances are less frequent compared to other platforms.

More Open to Business Partnerships

linkedin a social media platform

LinkedIn users are more open to business collaborations. They understand that LinkedIn is a professional platform, so most expect to receive several pitches. Direct messaging people on LinkedIn is a crucial outreach and social media marketing technique that can bring potential business opportunities. However, make sure to craft your pitch well to have a higher chance of getting a response from your target client.

People are More Open to Spending

Since most LinkedIn users are employed professionals and business owners, they are more likely to invest in your B2B products or services. B2B marketers say LinkedIn offers better conversion rates when utilizing their paid advertising options. Because professionals often have a deeper understanding of how businesses operate and the benefits they can gain from your offers, you’ll find yourself needing more convincing. Unlike other platforms, even if your ads are set up correctly, you may still reach an audience that isn’t the best fit for your business, whereas LinkedIn provides a more targeted audience.

Reach a Younger Audience

Business owners, founders, and CEOs of today’s generation are getting younger. If you assume that LinkedIn mainly consists of older individuals, you’d be mistaken. Statistics show that 60% of LinkedIn users are millennials (aged 25-34), while 20% are between 18 and 24. Moreover, LinkedIn has more male users (56.4%) than female users (43.6%). This demographic only reflects the evolving landscape of business and professional networking.

How to Market Your B2B Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn a social media platform is similar to other popular platforms, except that it has less entertaining content. If you want to make your B2B business stand out on LinkedIn, here are some marketing tips:

Build a Personal LinkedIn Profile Instead of a LinkedIn Company Page

Most businesses on LinkedIn have company pages but rarely post on them. Instead, they focus on building and posting on their personal LinkedIn profiles. This is because posts on LinkedIn profiles offer greater reach than LinkedIn company pages. So, if you’re planning to hop on LinkedIn, build your profile.

Connect with Prospective Clients and Build Your Network

To gain visibility and showcase what you offer, it’s crucial to expand your network. Send connection requests along with a brief message to your prospective clients. Additionally, consider participating in “Social Saturday” networking events on LinkedIn, often hosted by various individuals. The host typically creates a post inviting everyone to introduce themselves, and participants are free to connect or not. You can discover these events by searching for the hashtag #socialsaturday. Having many followers on LinkedIn at the beginning is crucial to increasing your post impressions and engagements.

Consistently Post Valuable Content

How does social media marketing affect consumer behavior? One way to attract potential clients on LinkedIn is to post valuable content consistently. Use your storytelling skills when sharing your experiences and unique business experiences with your target audience. Through storytelling, your posts will sound less salesy and become more relatable. 

Among the best-performing content formats we’ve discovered on LinkedIn are plain text (short-form content) and carousels (multi-photo posts). Regarding videos, they appear less frequently in the LinkedIn feed. However, there’s some excellent news—LinkedIn will soon introduce TikTok-style features, making videos more relevant on the platform.

Use LinkedIn’s Paid Advertising

Using LinkedIn’s paid advertising options is one digital marketing option in the Philippines to reach your target audience. By leveraging features such as sponsored content, sponsored InMail, and dynamic ads, businesses can tailor their messages and promotions to resonate with specific segments of the LinkedIn community, ultimately driving engagement, leads, and conversions. 

Which Business Industries Thrive Best on LinkedIn?

linkedin a social media platform

Not all business industries thrive equally on LinkedIn. If you’re a local business, such as a small cafe, salon/spa, or automotive shop, there might be better platforms than LinkedIn, especially in the Philippines. Most Filipinos primarily use LinkedIn for job hunting rather than seeking local businesses or services. However, if you’re a B2B business that caters to national and international clients, LinkedIn is the ideal platform for you, mainly if you operate within the following industries:

  • Information technology. AI and machine learning, software development, cybersecurity, cloud computing, web development
  • Digital marketing.  Social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, graphics and video editing, content marketing
  • Professional services. Business consultations, accounting and financial services, legal services, human resources
  • Education. Schools/colleges/universities, e-learning platforms, corporate training
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Telemedicine, medical devices, healthcare providers, pharmacy business
  • Manufacturing and engineering. Construction, renewable energy, aerospace

Grow Your B2B Business on LinkedIn with Eight Media

If Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok aren’t working for you, you may be on the wrong platform! While these platforms are great for B2C businesses and certain types of content, they might not be the best fit for every business. If you’re a B2B business, you should tap into LinkedIn.

By leveraging LinkedIn, a social media platform, you can connect with the right decision-makers and industry leaders, ensuring your efforts are seen by those who matter most. If you’re struggling  with how to start or need help refining your LinkedIn strategy and social media marketing techniques, collaborate with us. Eight Media specializes in digital marketing in the Philippines, including social media management. Our experts can help you navigate LinkedIn and other digital platforms to ensure you connect with the right audience and achieve your business goals. Book a free consultation today!


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