Now that big data is all the buzz in the industry, learn how you can make the most out of data-driven marketing.
What is Data Marketing, and how does it benefit a business? Learn how it evolved into a game-changer in the current marketing landscape, here in the Philippines and around the world.
One of the biggest challenges that companies face is writing content that’s guaranteed to show up first on search engines’ results pages. Read on to find out why this is important for businesses and how they can improve their content using SEO.
Sending and publishing quality content helps you build awareness and earn the trust of your target audience. Read on to learn more about the best content marketing strategies worth considering.
A rise in the adoption of content marketing by businesses has been seen in recent years. Find out what this strategy is all about and why it’s important for businesses to have one.
Find out how you can create a successful content marketing strategy so you can reach your audience, boost conversions, and enjoy business growth.
Curious about the future of online advertising? What are the important updates and developments about online advertising you should learn about? Read on to find out.
Online ads are one of the easiest and fastest ways to get your brand known. What are the things that you should know first before launching one online? Read on to find out.

Real Digital Marketing. Not just ads.

Eight Media offers businesses a REAL full-stack digital marketing service– from content creation to digital ads management, to training your sales team to working directly with business development. They’re powerful alone– but more powerful when brought together.

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