A/B Testing Mastery: Testing Campaigns Digital Marketing for Lead Generation

testing campaigns in digital marketing

How do you determine which solution fits? One of the best ways to find out is through testing campaigns in digital marketing.

There are several strategies for lead generation. There’s content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and email marketing. But how do you determine which digital marketing solutions for business are right for you? One of the best ways to find out is through testing campaigns in digital marketing.

Testing campaigns in digital marketing can take time and effort. However, you can generate more leads once you identify the most effective campaign and marketing tips for business owners. Among the popular testing campaign methods in digital marketing is A/B testing. 

In this article, we’ll help you learn about A/B testing so you can optimize your decision-making and drive meaningful improvements in your business outcomes, especially lead generation.

What Is A/B testing?

A/B testing is comparing two versions of a digital marketing campaign to determine if version A or B is better. This method is quicker and easier to set up than other testing campaigns in digital marketing. 

When using the A/B testing method, you must only alter one or more of your campaign elements (or variables), such as the headline, copy, images, CTA buttons, post format, layout, or even your posting time.

Tips on conducting an A/B testing campaign in Digital Marketing

testing campaigns in digital marketing

Before you perform more complicated testing campaigns in digital marketing, try the A/B testing method first. To help you conduct a smooth A/B test for your lead generation, here are some tips:

Identify your objective

Start by clearly defining your objective in performing an A/B test. Do you want more click-through rates, engagement, increased web traffic, or better conversion rates? Then, based on your objective, create a hypothesis. For example, “Changing the CTA button color to orange will increase click-through rates.”

Test only one element at a time

To discover the most appropriate digital marketing solutions for business and what works best for your digital marketing campaigns, testing only one element at a time is essential. 

Perhaps the copy of your campaign is already good, but its accompanying image isn’t. If you tinker with the copy and the image simultaneously, it’ll be tough to figure out which one’s causing the problem, and you’ll just be going in circles.

Here are some examples of elements that you might need to change or test in your digital marketing campaigns:

  • Headline (length, copy)
  • Body copy (length, format, addition of emojis, bullet points)
  • Social media captions (style, length, addition of emojis, hashtags, CTAs)
  • Images (style, shape, color theme, size, position)
  • CTA (copy, button shape, button color)
  • Font (size, style, color)
  • Content format (plain text, image, text-image, infographic, video)
  • Time of posting (early morning, morning, noon, afternoon, pre-evening, evening, midnight)
  • Navigation menu (design, style, structure, format)
  • Background color (light vs dark, neutral vs vivid)
  • Landing page (layout, color theme, copy, image, CTA button)

Now, these might seem a lot. But you can narrow down what you need to test if you set your objective right from the start. 

For example, if your objective is to increase click-through rates, you might just need to focus your A/B testing on elements like copy, image, and button color.

Create, run, and wait

testing campaigns in digital marketing

Once you’ve identified your objective and decided what elements you need to A/B test, you can start creating two digital marketing campaign versions. Ensure your change variable is distinct enough for your testing campaign to produce more visible results. 

Pick when you will run your first campaign version and determine how long. Wait for results before you start running your second campaign version.

Don’t test during holidays

Testing campaigns in digital marketing during the holiday season can produce inaccurate results. This is due to the seasonal increase in customer traffic, driven by their desire to take advantage of more incredible discounts. But what if it isn’t the holidays anymore? You’ll never figure out what campaign works best for your business during regular days.

Aside from the natural surge of customers on holidays, there’s also an influx of competition in the world of digital marketing in the Philippines. Why not? The holiday season is the perfect time to spend money on ads and relentlessly promote everyone’s biz. However, the importance of digital marketing in business during peak seasons is so great, making it harder for your A/B tests to gain traction. 

Make campaign changes based on the results

Trying different marketing tips for business owners and testing several campaigns is important to improve your digital marketing outcomes and lead generation. So be sure to implement changes in your marketing materials once you’ve gathered your A/B testing results.

As you familiarize yourself with the habit of testing campaigns digital marketing, you’ll not just be able to gather more leads. Still, you can also refine your audience’s user experience and allocate your marketing budget more effectively.

Tailored Digital Marketing solutions for your biz

Are you still trying to get through with testing campaigns in digital marketing? While the A/B testing method is one of the easiest to set up, it can still be challenging if this is your first time testing campaigns. 

If you’re looking to outsource your digital marketing and want to gain more leads, Eight Media is here to help. We’re a trusted provider of digital marketing solutions for business, specializing in drip marketing, social media, content, digital ads, design, and web development. 

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