Designing for Mobile: A How-To in Digital Marketing in Mobile Creatives and Design

mobile creatives and design

This article will discuss how to develop compelling mobile creatives and design for your branding and brand strategy.

Are you considering a new way to reach your audiences effectively? If you haven’t tried it yet, then mobile marketing is something that you should start to explore. With more and more consumers becoming increasingly reliant on day-to-day transactions with their phones, this approach in digital marketing in the Philippines is also expected to surge. This article will discuss how to develop compelling mobile creatives and design for your branding and brand strategy. 

Crash course on mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is an approach that uses multiple mobile channels to target audiences in their smartphones, tablets, and wearables. While SMS marketing has been around for quite a while now, new forms of approaches appeared. Like search ads, in-app ads, and social media advertising are now also being integrated into mobile marketing. 

With this in mind, the most important factor of mobile marketing is ensuring that it is aligned with how people use and interact with their phones. To execute it well, a good balance of creativity and functionality should be applied. As not to sacrifice the accessibility, performance, and usability of the ad to make it creative. 

Top guidelines for creating mobile creatives and design

Below, we give tips on how to do an effective mobile creatives and design. 

Optimize for mobile use display

mobile creatives and design

This might seem obvious, but some digital marketers still forget to make sure you optimize for the correct display for mobile marketing. Consider the device your ad will be displayed on, and test it on different screens, browsers, and resolutions. The catch of mobile marketing is that users process information faster on handheld or smaller devices. Ads not formatted well for their screens will quickly be ignored. 

Stick to clear layouts

Coming off from the first point, your mobile marketing ad can succeed if you deliver it concisely. Sticking to simple layouts is critical because you need a format that will be easy to navigate and process. One tip is to work with the text first. This ensures you only highlight the top information most relevant to your audience—before selecting images. Since the text is usually read from left to right and top to bottom, you can also put your most important copy on the left upper hand for better emphasis.

If your mobile ad has more room for design, remember to still simplify. Use no more than three colors and typefaces to keep your ad clear of visual clutter. 

Play with contrast for images

Though considered more of a second place when it comes to mobile designs, images still play a critical role in boosting the appeal of your mobile ads. One way to maximize the use of images is to rely on contrast. High contrast but complementary colors can make your design look interesting even if you stick to basic layouts. If you should use images with different elements, try to not go more than three visual factors to prevent clutter. As a basic rule of thumb, the image of your mobile ad should be processed by your audience in not more than two seconds maximum.

Use the right CTA

mobile creatives and design

If you’re sending an SMS ad, then using a URL shortener is key. If your mobile ad has visual elements, however, then try to phrase your CTA in not more than two words (CLICK HERE! BUY NOW! RESERVE THIS!) and make sure the color of the button stands out for the user.

Follow industry guidelines and requirements

SMS marketing, in particular, has some laws to ensure that those who receive your ads have freely given their consent to get advertisements using their number. For the latter, it’s best to do some reading on the regulations set by authorities like GDPR, MMA, and FTC. Design-wise, there are also web design guidelines set by organizations like Google that can help you comply with the best standards of mobile creative deployment. 

Generate leads on web and mobile

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