The Top 5 2024 Digital Marketing Trends in the Philippines

2024 Digital Marketing trends in the Philippines

Let’s talk about the 2024 digital marketing trends in the Philippines expected to reign and ignite the digital landscape in the upcoming season.

2023 has proven itself to be a big year for digital marketing in the Philippines. According to figures by Meltwater last January, 61 percent of Filipinos have purchased a product or service online. With the new year on the horizon, digital marketing is expected to evolve even more to meet the market’s needs. In this article, we will talk about some of the 2024 digital marketing trends the Philippines is expected to experience with the turning of the year. 

Recalibrating With The 2024 Digital Marketing Trends In The Philippines

Influencer Marketing will continue but with a focus on nano influencers 

Influencer marketing fatigue hit the industry the highest from 2020 to 2022 as the market became tired of similar and repetitive posts from big influencers. Thankfully, the popularity of influencers is expected to revive in 2024, though with a focus on nano users—those with followers ranging from 100 to 10,000. This shift shows that people seek more organic and authentic content than paid content, usually churned by macro influencers.

Coming off this trend, user-generated content is expected to continue providing good results. It focuses on more natural but still branded pieces that can create more authentic connections with consumers. 

Increasing demand for Voice Search Optimization

2024 Digital Marketing trends in the Philippines

One of the most prominent 2024 digital marketing trends in the Philippines is the rise of voice search optimization. Worldwide, 31 percent of mobile users use voice search once a week to navigate their online activities. Over half of these users are below 18, though voice search is also expected to increase in popularity. It proves helpful for non-native English users. 

Tip: You can use the 2021 Google Voice Playbook to optimize your website for voice search. By designing your content to match how your potential customers speak, you can tap a channel that can be helpful to your business in the coming year. 

Using Predictive Analytics and Personalization for better marketing decisions

AI will continue to be popular in 2024, especially in its application for market personalization. By analyzing huge amounts of data, businesses can predict future market behaviors, which can help them better understand their customers. Moreover, AI can contribute to the game by processing consumer browsing history and other user data that can be used to craft better digital marketing campaigns.  

Providing a better customer experience using the power of technology

Still closely related to AI, providing good customer service using technology is also expected to be one of the 2024 digital marketing trends in the Philippines. An excellent example of a business that has already tested this is the e-commerce giant Lazada. It uses an AI stack of intelligent systems to improve performance and engagement levels with its shoppers. 

The brand uses Azure OpenAI service to power its chatbot to answer shopping queries in multiple languages and provide better product recommendations. This proves that as AI develops, it can help better support keeping customers engaged with their favorite brands. 

Ethical Marketing will still drive a lot of consumer decisions. 

Though no longer new to the digital marketing game, ethical marketing is expected to continue driving consumer decisions in 2024. More than just focusing on the eco-friendly and sustainability aspects of a business, however, this trend is forecasted to result in the rise of popularity of the pre-owned market

A good example to support this is the US’s business outlook for the second-hand luxury bag market. According to FutureMarketInsights, the market is poised to grow from $6,327.70 million in 2023 to $11,439.3 million in 2033 because of its economic advantage and benefits to sustainability practices. 

Don’t Miss Out On The Latest Trends This 2024

2024 Digital Marketing trends in the Philippines

Tech and trends may come and go, but one thing is sure regarding the 2024 digital marketing trends in the Philippines. If your brand wants to stay on top of your market’s consciousness, you must keep up with the game.

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