5 Essential Digital Marketing Technology Tools for Startups

digital marketing technology tools

Among the digital marketing solutions for businesses, let’s talk about digital marketing technology tools to assist marketing.

No one should understate the importance of digital marketing in business success anymore. With where we are in our marketing landscape, digital marketing is way past being an extra-curricular of the business model – it is now powerful enough to rule the trajectory of business growth. This might be intimidating or seem too much of a burden for a startup, but best believe you want to invest in your digital marketing right from the beginning. If not with money, but at least with time and effort. Among the digital marketing solutions for businesses, let’s talk about digital marketing technology tools – or the softwares intended to assist in marketing efforts (planning, execution, organization, data analytics) and make the task easier and more profitable for businesses. 

How Much Money Do You Need for Digital Marketing Technology Tools Though?

A startup owner might want to spend less money on things that are not as necessary as the actual business capital. 

But there are great benefits to acquiring digital marketing technology tools – especially now when digital marketing in the Philippines is one extremely competitive and fast-paced avenue. The top of these is ensuring marketing success as much as possible and not leaving you to guess if your efforts yield decent results. 

The available tools stretch far and wide, but by having an inkling of the essentials, you can cut down your expenses – and may even cut down the need to spend at all, depending on what you wish to achieve.  

Digital Marketing Technology Tools for Startups: The Essentials

Whatever your digital marketing strategy is at this point, having these digital marketing technology tools in your roster can give you a solid foundation – one you are likely to reap in one way or the other.

digital marketing technology tools

1. Content Marketing Channels

Social media platforms are the instinctive channels for digital marketing, and rightly so. Aside from being pretty straightforward to build and maintain, digital marketing in the Philippines thrives off them due to Filipinos being heavy social media users and thus being a great place to reel in potential customers. 

While these are off the top for digital marketers, a website is another worthy investment – even if a good one would equal some payment. With a well-maintained website and crisp search engine optimization (SEO), you can leverage its power to place you in a good ranking in Google search results and, therefore, have more chances of reeling in potential customers.

Pro-tip: Introduce a blog section on top of the usual details on your products or services! Ensure that every write-up is rich in sought-after keywords to rank better and, of course, that they are relevant to your brand. This will result in a good Google ranking, better customer relationships, and increased website visitors. 

2. Chatbot

“Time is gold” has never applied truer for digital businesses. Customers want prompt responses, and if they do not get attended to right off the bat, they are likely to lose interest or simply find other similar businesses that can cater to them more quickly. 

Chatbot software is a worthwhile investment, even if you are just a startup. With this in place, you won’t have to worry about losing opportunities because you are not glued to your phone 24/7.

Even with a chatbot, build organic relationships with your customers. Chatbots are there to hook them, but communicating with them person to person can do wonders for customer loyalty. 

3. Email Automation

Regarding marketing tips for business owners, using social media channels runs rampant. But to further cover all your bases, aside from adding a website to your roster, consider using automated emails, too. 

In case you didn’t know, 81% of small businesses regard email marketing as a crucial avenue for lead generation and customer retention – which, in essence, is the point of all digital marketing solutions for businesses. 

Use email marketing to champion customer experience; send your subscribers personalized emails, communicate with them closely, and send them useful resources. This close communication can do wonders for your business.

One of the best ways to have prospective customers sign up for your mailing list? Make it the landing page of your website. 

4. Data Analytics Tools

digital marketing technology tools

A data analytics tool can be the tool to measure your social media or search engine optimization (SEO) performance. 

Knowing which data to measure and how to measure them is a reliable way of telling if your current digital marketing strategy is working – or if you need to do due optimization based on the results you got. 

Content is king, and you have to ensure it is doing exactly what you want it to do – whether it is to increase page followers or website visitors or amp up sales. 

The good news is that social media channels have their own tools for measuring key metrics, alleviating the need for you to expend money. Of course, other options can give you more specific results should you need them. 

5. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

A customer relationship management (CRM) system records every interaction between the business and the customers – affording everyone on the team to track all of these. 

This kind of system may not be as needed for a startup. Still, if you’re looking ahead, the perspective will be clear: you’d want your customers’ data to be finely stored from the get-go, so you’re not left fumbling in the middle when your business starts to pick up speed. 

The importance of digital marketing in business, after all, lies greatly in its ability to translate online presence into actual sales or census. 

Digital Marketing Technology Tools vs. All-In Service of a Digital Agency

digital marketing technology tools

You can either get all these digital marketing technology tools for your business or simply forego them and seek the help of a third party that has already mastered the art of digital marketing in the Philippines. Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all, so explore every available option until you figure out what works best for your business.  

Suppose you wish to be assisted by professionals instead of doing everything yourself. In that case, Eight Media is a Philippines-based agency that can help you grow your business according to your goals. With our years of experience providing digital marketing solutions for businesses, your business will see consistent growth with minimal effort. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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