The Importance of Digital Marketing Localization for the Philippine Culture

localization of digital marketing

In a world where both e-commerce and globalization have broken down barriers, localization of digital marketing has become important.

In a world where both e-commerce and globalization have broken down market barriers, localization of digital marketing has become extremely important, regardless of the size of your business. When before, building customer loyalty leaned heavily on good customer experience, quality products/services, and strong branding, being culturally sensitive now makes a difference in expanding your market presence. In this article, we will talk about the localization of digital marketing and how you can apply it. 

Why should you localize?

localization of digital marketing

First, let’s talk about the pros of localizing your digital marketing in the Philippines and what edge cultural sensitivity can give you. 

It gives you a better competitive advantage by building stronger brand loyalty 

Showing your market that you are aware of the cultural nuances basically gives a better customer experience. When your target audience sees that your brand cares enough to adapt to their needs, you can make a stronger impression which will then lead to strong brand loyalty.

It makes it easy for you to go global

The market expansion comes easily when you localize. By tweaking your products and services, you can tap other audiences and of course, attract more customers. When you localize, however, make sure that your changes are still aligned with your brand identity. Remember that you want to make your brand relatable, not lose who you are.

It keeps you safe from customer chagrin

In a time where it is so easy to call out or ‘cancel’ anyone, brands need to localize more than ever to make sure that they do not offend a particular community. Offending your target market can cause you not only your sales but your brand’s overall reputation, too. 

Good examples of brands with successful localization

localization of digital marketing

Here are well-known brands as the perfect example of localization


Probably one of the most successful local brands that have crossed borders is Jollibee. While known for its famous chicken in the country, our favorite bee made sure to add menu items that are culturally relevant to every country they expanded to. Jollibee Singapore has its version of ChickenJoy with the Nasi Lemak Chickenjoy meal while Jollibee Vietnam even expanded to food items that are entirely off the menu here in the Philippines like the Jollibee Squid Rings.  

Shake Shack Philippines

When Shake Shack first came to the Philippines, there was a lot of buzz behind its burgers. However, the famous burger joint from New York pulled in more customers when it introduced an ube-flavored shake to its menu. The food joint also added the Uuube-by Baby Frozen Custard which is a cross between a halo-halo and a froyo. Shake Shack also does the same strategy in other markets, where they have the Singapore Exclusive Pandan Shake. 

IKEA Philippines

Swedish home brand IKEA made waves when it opened its biggest store in the Philippines back in 2021. While the brand known for its self-assembled products pretty much kept its concept, it also made sure to still tap into the local culture by releasing materials that put the Filipino family at the center. One good example of a content marketing piece from them is an article that discusses how to use their products when setting up a Filipino family home which heavily considers bonding moments. 

Of course, IKEA which is also known for its food choices also extended this localization to their menu. Just this year, the brand introduced local flavors into their choices like the Sisig Meatballs, an iteration of their signature Swedish Meatballs, and Langka Sans Rival. 

How to properly pull off localization in digital marketing

localization of digital marketing

When localizing your digital marketing solutions for small businesses, make sure to follow the tips below: 

Collaborate with a local expert 

This will ensure that your localization is not shallow and will properly capture the local market and its culture. The least you want to happen is to give off the feeling that you’re only doing your localization for clout. 

Customize your tone

Don’t forget your brand tone and identity, but also make sure that your language is tailored to the tone of the market you are trying to target. Most importantly, make sure to be careful of making cultural references before releasing any marketing materials. 

Apply local SEO 

The keywords you are using for a specific market may not specifically be effective for another. Your localization should also apply to your content marketing efforts to make sure that your search visibility will apply to a specific location.

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