How To Enjoy The Holidays As A Social Media Marketer

enjoying the holiday as a social media marketer

Enjoying the holiday as a social media marketer almost seems impossible if you don’t do things the right way.

The Christmas season is probably the busiest for many digital marketers. With people catching up on completing their holiday online shopping and just spreading overall Christmas cheer, not hitting the gas on your e-commerce activities during this time means you will be skipping on many sale opportunities. The same goes for social media. Everyone being on their favorite social media platforms nowadays means it is a must for any business to use these channels to reach out to their audiences. With this in mind, enjoying the holiday as a social media marketer almost seems impossible if you don’t do things the right way.

The Ultimate Guide to a Hassle-Free Holiday

We know your struggles, so we created this quick guide to help you survive and enjoy Christmas. 

Create your holiday social media marketing plan as early as you can

Really, one of the main digital marketing solutions for businesses, regardless of the season, is always to draft your plans a few months in advance. Here at Eight Media, we even recommend that you start planning as early as August because this is usually a time when not many businesses do campaigns due to the concept of ‘ghost month.’ Whether you follow the latter or not, it wouldn’t hurt to start early on what you want to do for social media during the holidays. 

Simplify your holiday goals

enjoying the holiday as a social media marketer

The holidays are a highly lucrative season, so it’s easy to feel compelled to try and do so many things at the same time. To keep your initiatives manageable, it’s better to decide on just a few goals you want to focus on during this season. Most businesses want to crank their sales at this time, but you can also decide on other targets like growing your subscriber list or even boosting your brand awareness. Whatever it is, enjoying the holiday as a social media marketer means you have to make your targets simple and realistic.. 

Check your holiday marketing plan against your previous numbers

If this isn’t your first time running a holiday marketing campaign, make sure to use your previous sales numbers and use it as a reference for your social media plans. When is the best time for you to launch your sale? Do you have any previous data for the best dates, days, and times your audience engages with your content? Using your historical data can again help you streamline your plans so you’re not shooting everywhere. 

Choose one flagship holiday campaign 

Again, the keyword is to simplify and make sure you use your other social media marketing channels to support it. For example, if you host a grand holiday sale on your website, you can build your overall social media campaign to support it. Run ads on Facebook while also having an influencer marketing campaign on Instagram to boost it. Choose the right approach for each channel depending on the audience profile it has but make sure it ties together to support just one big holiday campaign.

Make use of automation and scheduling tools

Enjoying the holiday season as a social media marketer is much easier now, thanks to the rise of automation and scheduling tools in most social media platforms. As long as you already have a holiday plan and create the materials for it, you can easily schedule publishing your posts in advance. If the platform you are using doesn’t have one, there are other third-party tools that can do the same thing. Introducing one to your business will help you during the holiday season and all year round.

Staying Jolly And Productive

enjoying the holiday as a social media marketer

Do you already have your holiday plans for your social media this year? If you haven’t started creating one yet, don’t worry. It’s not yet too late! Eight Media can help you if you want something strategic and effective this Christmas season. We are a digital marketing provider that offers a full stack of services that can help bring your business to the next level. We offer a comprehensive social media service that will help improve your online presence, increase engagement, and meet other goals. Still, you can also choose from our other services like content marketing, digital ads management, digital design creation, and web development.  

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