Here’s Why Companies Lag in the Age of Digital Transformation

Businesses have accelerated their digital transformation plans to thrive in the new normal while many are still apprehensive. Why are they skeptical about going digital?

How to Make the Most of Your Digital Marketing Budget During a Crisis

Businesses are cutting their losses, tightening their belts, and making smart decisions in order to stay relevant in the new normal, but how can businesses maximize their marketing budget amid a crisis?

Filipinos Think Brands Should Keep on Advertising in the New Normal

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made a tremendous impact on all businesses, fast-tracking digital transformation for most brands pivoting their strategies to remain afloat and relevant in this new normal Given this shift, should brands still allocate budget for advertising?

A Post-COVID Digital Marketing Guide: How to Achieve Growth After the Pandemic

To navigate the “new normal,” experts point to digital transformation, along with a data-driven digital marketing strategy, as key ingredients to success.

How To Boost Digital Marketing Efforts With Data-Driven Marketing Decisions

The challenge is that digital transformation is happening so fast that oftentimes, it’s almost hard to keep up with it. Thankfully, as online marketers, there is always one thing that we can always rely on to make the best strategies: Data.

The Importance of Marketing During a Recession

While one of the easiest things to do during a crisis is to cut your marketing budget, it may not be the wisest.

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