The Impact of Including Filipino Social Issues in Digital Marketing for Brands

Filipino social issues in digital marketing

When it comes to taking a stand on Filipino social issues in digital marketing, it can increase engagement with consumers.

Digital marketing in the Philippines is ever-changing, and so is the behavior of consumers. In recent months, Filipino consumers have taken their grievances on social media. You might have heard of brands being called out or canceled. It’s true. It has become increasingly difficult for brands to please everyone. But on the other side of it, employing the right marketing tips for business owners, especially when taking a stand on Filipino social issues in digital marketing, can increase engagement with consumers.

This article will discuss the impact of including Filipino social issues in digital marketing for brands. Phenomenons that affect digital marketing in the Philippines related to Filipino social issues

Filipino social issues in digital marketing

Multiple studies have shown how adopting Filipino social issues in digital marketing in brand campaigns can impact businesses. Here are some of those:

The “woke” and “cancel” cultures

The woke and cancel cultures play a big part in digital marketing in the Philippines. Woke is the awareness and attentiveness to important societal facts and issues, particularly women’s empowerment, LGBTQ+ rights, and social justice. On the other hand, cancel culture is this era’s form of boycotting someone – or an organization – to express their strong disapproval of their action.

Do these have anything to do with the digital marketing of your brand? The answer is a resounding YES! In a 2023 survey conducted by Agile Data Solutions, the results show that:

  • 64% of Filipinos engage in “woke” discussions to ignite conversations and awareness about social issues
  • 43% engage in “cancel” culture content to hold individuals or organizations accountable for their actions or statements
  • 57% of consumers acknowledge the influence of woke culture on their buying behavior
  • 44% are more likely to support brands that share their values and promote social justice, while 30% reportedly avoid purchasing from brands that have been canceled due to offensive behavior

Because of these survey results, brands are encouraged to include Filipino social issues in digital marketing plans to align them with consumers’ behavior. It will help businesses remain relevant in today’s digitized world. Doing so may significantly increase their engagement and support from consumers as well.

The Filipino prosumers

The Havas Ortega Group calls the latest type of consumer in the Philippines the “Filipino Prosumers.” These consumers are the first to try what’s new and are relied upon for their recommendations and opinions by their peers. They heavily influence what the mainstream will patronize within 18 to 24 months; data shows that 67% of Filipino Prosumers see their social media posts being shared by others.

Results of the earlier study conducted by the Havas Ortega Group regarding the Filipino Prosumers reveal that:

  • 93% believe that it is their responsibility to affect changes in the world, although only 86% believe in their capacity to make a difference
  • 60% will choose to or refuse to buy a product depending on a company’s values or political-social activities
  • 95% think about the impact of their shopping on the planet’s resources
  • 88% would be willing to pay more for a good cause

Moreover, Filipino Prosumers realize the importance of supporting locally-made products to contribute to the economy’s growth and the micro, small, and medium enterprises in the Philippines.

Because Filipino Prosumers need to feel good about themselves and contribute positively to the world, brands need to consider adapting Filipino social issues in digital marketing.

How can brands implement Filipino social issues in digital marketing?

Filipino social issues in digital marketing

With these numbers, it is evident that brand activism is on the rise. Incorporating social good campaigns is now businesses’ most logical digital marketing solution. Organizations must remember that it has to be authentic (NOT FORCED) to have a clear connection between their values, messaging, and actions.

 There are two ways to do this:

Anchor your branding with a cause

Having a purpose that consumers can relate to is an immediate win for your brand. Consumers will be drawn to your social good campaign if your beliefs align with theirs. Once you gain their trust, you will also gain their support – not only for your brand but also for the cause that you are supporting.

Through this route, you are raising awareness for your brand and your cause. Focusing on doing good for the world rather than hard selling your business becomes more attractive to Filipino Prosumers in this woke culture.

A great example of this is Overdoughs, a bakeshop known for its good cookies – but more so for its even better cause. They continuously develop digital marketing in the Philippines by raising awareness for the deaf community, supporting deaf scholars, and promoting inclusivity by employing mostly deaf partners.

Use a cause to promote your message

Brands can take a stand on a current issue or trend to raise brand awareness, but this could get tricky. Sensitive consumers may realize you only capitalize on a social issue to increase sales.

How so? The authenticity of brand messaging and action got lost in the brand’s desire to ride the trend. You need to give it careful thought and consideration to get the right tone with sensitivity.

Market with a cause

Filipino social issues in digital marketing

The importance of digital marketing in business has become more pronounced. Now 72.5% of Filipino consumers are on their phones for an average of 3 hours and 43 minutes daily. Because of the rise of Filipino Prosumers, brands must consider including Filipino social issues in digital marketing. Yes, research says that it will have a significant positive impact on business. But if you do it wrong? The backlash is dreadful, and the consequences to your brand are imaginable.

Partner with the right team who can help you effectively use this digital marketing solution for business. An expert digital marketing agency in the Philippines will get you started on the right track. Click here to learn how Eight Media can help you include Filipino social issues in digital marketing.

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